Managing nausea with cannabis products

I actually never thought I would find the answer to our concerns with nausea in the cannabis dispensary.

That was just the furthest thing from our mind.

I knew that medical marijuana was legal in the state however I just didn’t quite put two plus two together when it came to our situation. For the last several years, I’ve been dealing with pain plus nausea that can often just be totally debilitating. Of course, I went to the doctor plus they put me on the first of numerous medications. But, while I might see a bit of improvement, it regularly ended up back in the same locale or worse. So this went on for more that a couple of years. That’s when I decided to approach the nausea from a peculiar perspective. If I started living a genuinely healthy lifestyle with only natural products going into our body, maybe that would help. Part of that plan was also treating with medical marijuana. It took me a week to get through the medical marijuana regulations in our state. But then I had access to the cannabis dispensary plus I started treating with cannabis flower products. Right away, there was a change. And I should have sort of recognized that fact as cancer patients frequently use medical marijuana while both of us were in chemo for nausea. After about 3 weeks, I was able to manage the nausea plus pain to a point that our life was not so hard to live. Without medical marijuana, I’m just not sure where I would be right now.


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