Cancer treatments aided by medical marijuana

I wasn’t exactly sure that I was hearing things correctly.

So I asked the doctor to repeat what he’d just said.

And sure enough, he did say cancer. That was the bad news and from there it was sort of like I was underwater and couldn’t really understand voices or attach them to people. Thankfully, my wife was with me and she took good notes. And she caught that I needed to get through the cannabis rules in our state to get access to the cannabis dispensary. And it was important to get on that now. Because there was some good news as well. The cancer was in the early stages and very treatable but we needed to get to work fast. That’s why the doctor was helping us expedite getting access to the medical marijuana dispensary. Once we were through the medical marijuana regulations, we went right to the legal weed store. I had some experience with cannabis products as I smoked a fair amount of weed back in the day. It’s funny that this familiarity with cannabis flower products was benefiting me now. And man, am I ever glad we got right on the medical marijuana thing. The chemo was rough. Had it not been for the medical marijuana, I would be in some grave shape due to that nausea. I’d never experienced that sort of nausea in my life. But the cannabis flower products pulled me right through. And for that, I could not be more thankful that medical marijuana is legal in my state.

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