I tried CBD based pain lotion for my knee.

Within hours of rubbing it on my knee, I was feeling some relief

It seemed like Every time I checked the mail this past summer; I found some kind of sample pack waiting for me in the mailbox. My favorite sample pack came from a company that specialized in CBD products. There were a few packs of CBD gummies, a large tube of CBD cream, a couple of packs of capsules, & even some roll-on pain cream. I set the sample pack inside the pantry & then forgot all about it. This past week, I tripped over a toy & landed on my knee. The pain was truly excruciating, however since I could walk, I knew it wasn’t broken. I was rooting around trying to find a knee brace when I came across the CBD sample pack. I pulled out a bottle of roll-on pain cream & gently rubbed it all over my knee. The stink of camphor came to myself and others first, & I thought that might be all I was going to get from the pain cream, although I was wrong. Within 30 minutes, the pain had lessened to where I could walk separate from a major limp. I was impressed, although I was still hesitant to say my walking separate from any tears was because of the CBD. It wasn’t until later that afternoon when the tylenol had worn down & I was limping badly again that I pulled out the roll-on CBD pain cream. Within hours of rubbing it on my knee, I was feeling some relief. I tried to say the reaction was because of the camphor, although I believe it was the CBD. I put the CBD pain cream on every couple of hours & my pain was soon relieved.
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