I purchased a new kind of CBD at the grocery store.

I had been telling my best acquaintances that I really wanted to go to the marijuana dispensary & pick up some of my fave CBD.

Whenever the people I was with and I were in town, these people all forgot to stop by the marijuana store.

After several weeks of forgetting to go, I was ready to deliver up. I went into the closest grocery store, & it surprised myself and others to see that they had CBD in the pharmaceutical area. There, amongst the aspirin & acetaminophen, I saw an array of CBD. They had capsules & pain creams, however it wasn’t what I wanted. I was hoping to grab some edible CBD products, however they didn’t have it in the grocery store. I guess I had to use whatever I could get, & hope I would be able to get to the marijuana store in the next week or two. When I got my CBD capsules home, I instantly took a single. I could not know that it took another few capsules for the next 3 hours before I felt any kind of relief. I was starting to realize that not all CBD was the same strength. I tried to buy the same CBD product from the marijuana store as I had purchased in that grocery store. I wanted to see if I noticed a difference. Two weeks later, I went back to the marijuana store. Try as hard as I could, I could not find the same brand of CBD I had purchased at the grocery store. I asked the budtender, & he told myself and others they only sold quality CBD & THC infused products. They made the brand I was asking about out of proper hemp.

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