I found some medical marijuana that had 68% CBD.

When I went for my medical marijuana Rx card, my dentist told myself and others I needed to find a product that was about 50/50.

That means that it should be about 50% CBD & 50% THC.

I wasn’t sure if they sold medical marijuana products that were also CBD. I took my medical marijuana Rx card to the dispensary & asked to talk to a skilled budtender. The young lady Pat was certainly knowledgeable & provided myself and others with more information. She not only told myself and others they had a product that was 50/50, however they also sold a single 1 that was 68% CBD & only 25% THC. Pat showed myself and others all the products they had in stock that were more CBD than THC. I asked what she recommended, & Pat called the pharmacist out to talk to me. This guy wanted to guess what I wanted the medical marijuana for. I told the guy about my foot pain that came from nerve destruction & how hard it was for myself and others to walk. The pharmacist proposed several products that he thought would help. I took pain cream & a couple of the other products that were mostly CBD. Pat told myself and others that if they didn’t work for me, I should bring them back & Pat would deliver myself and others something else to try. I was truly blissful to visit the marijuana dispensary & talk to someone about CBD & THC products. I’m sure that 1 of these products is going to help with my pain, however I’m thinking I may need to try it more than once before I find actual relief. I don’t guess CBD & THC works the same as acetaminophen & aspirin.


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