The budtender didn’t want to sell CBD.

I then walked away & went to talk to Bob.

I was in a marijuana dispensary with my hubby Bob. He wanted to go in & get some skin cream for his eczema. While Bob and I were there, I was looking for some of the CBD products they had flaunted. I told the budtender that I was keenly interested in finding some of the CBD products. He didn’t ask if I had any special reason for wanting the CBD before he began telling myself and Bob about the products they had. It surprised myself and Bob at his lack of interest. He seemed to be way more interested in what another budtender was doing than in what I would love to purchase. I finally asked him if he was receiving any kind of compensation for how much product he sold? After a while, he must have realized what I was alluding to, & he told myself and others no. That’s when I told him I just wanted to purchase CBD products, however since he didn’t seem interested in selling anything to me, then I would just leave him alone. I then walked away & went to talk to Bob. When I told him what happened, he turned & looked at that budtender & then back to that guy he was talking to. Bob told them that if I wasn’t fantastic enough to wait on, then he wasn’t either, & Bob and I walked out the door. The manager, who must have been seeing the interactions between us & the budtenders, came from the supply room. Bob told him what happened, & he provided us the products the people I was with and I wanted, then summoned the person back to his office.

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