CBD capsules have helped tremendously.

I’ve been getting a lot of really bad headaches lately.

There truly isn’t any one set reason for these killer headaches.

They just seem to pop out of the green. I can watch cable or sit at the table talking to my hubby Ben & then a headache will hit. Ben keeps telling myself and others I should go to the eye dentist, or to the dentist to see if there isn’t something wrong. I was thinking it could be my neck. About several years earlier, I had a major neck surgery, & the dentist said some of the pain could return. Most of this had to do with which direction I was turning my head. My thought was that if I could get a truly fantastic pain reliever or a muscle relaxer, I may get rid of the pain separate from going to a dentist. The next day, Ben & I headed to the local marijuana store. Now that recreational marijuana was 100% legalized, the people I was with and I could go into the marijuana store separate from a medical marijuana Rx card. Bob and I could buy anything the people I was with and I wanted now, although I just wanted something to help with the headaches. The person in the marijuana store proposed I try some CBD capsules. He told myself and Bob they came in several strengths. I purchased the CBD capsules & waited til my next headache started. As soon as I felt a twinge of pain, I took several CBD capsules. My headaches have been nothing more than a mild nuisance & my neck is looser than it had been in a year. I was blissful I had used the CBD capsules.

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