It took a lot of CBD gummies to do any good at all.

For the last several years, I have been relying on medical marijuana to help with my RLS. Restless leg syndrome has been causing myself and others anxiety for the last fifteen years until medical marijuana became legal. All the prescriptions they had given myself and others only helped for a short window of time, however medical marijuana had nearly eliminated the problem. Then, just last year, they legalized recreational marijuana which eliminated the need for a medical marijuana prescription card. They were now offering odd marijuana products at the marijuana store, & they now carried CBD products I hadn’t seen before. Edibles were now available for sale. I had used a few marijuana products that were mostly CBD, although I had not purchased products that were just pure CBD. I asked the budtender if they would be as effective for my RLS as these marijuana products. He explained that, sometimes; the CBD was just as well, however not every time. I would need to try the CBD products & see how they worked for me. The CBD seemed to work well enough the first couple of afternoons, however after a week, I was using twice the recommended level of CBD & still not getting enough help with the RLS. I had to go back to the marijuana dispensary & get my marijuana products that were 50/50 CBD & THC. I wouldn’t have ever believed that it would only take a week of switching products to undo all the fantastic progress the marijuana had done over the last several years. I am back to square a single & once more on the THC/CBD products I was using all that time.

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