I wanted concentrates, but they wouldn’t deliver them at the sale price

I decided to order some items from the cannabis shop because they were having a sale on everything in the store.

I received a text message from the cannabis shop and I failed to see the small asterisk at the bottom of the page. That was the area where small tiny writing informed the customer that cannabis concentrates were not included in the sale. Of course I added eight grams of cannabis concentrate to the cart, because I expected to receive all of them at the sale price of 25% off. I also added a variety of other cannabis items to the online cart. When the budtender called me before the delivery, I was very surprised by the total. I expected to spend a lot less money. I asked the budtender to explain all of the charges to me and that’s when I found out that the Cannabis concentrates were not included in the sale if you were ordering for delivery. I was very upset about the disclaimer and even more upset about the sale. I tried to get the manager to give me the sale price, especially since I spent almost $500 on items from the store. She refused and offered to honor the sale price if I wanted to come into the store instead of having the items delivered. There was no way that I was going anywhere with the rain, thunder, and lightning going on outside. I just canceled most of the order. I can wait until the items are on sale. I was only adding extra things because of the special prices.



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