The guy called because the corporation is falling apart

When marijuana was legalized, a lot of people wanted to get into the business; In this region, a couple of farmers handle most of the marijuana farming. The farms are crucial with hundreds of flowering plants, and one farmer has 3500 acres with marijuana plants scattered from 1 end to the other. I consulted with the guy when he was getting started… He wanted to sell marijuana products directly to dispensaries and that requires special permits from the county. I helped the guy fill out all of the necessary permits. I didn’t talk to the marijuana farmer again until last year. He called my company to request help with SEO. The two of us handle many weird aspects of the marijuana corporation including SEO and advertising. I met with the guy for a few minutes and every one of us discussed some changes that would help. The farmer was spending $1.26 on each gram of cannabis concentrate just for packaging. I knew I could help the guy find a cheaper wholesale distributor with better prices. Instead of bright and colorful packages, every one of us selected a matte black finish box with a hole in the bottom. You can see the product through the hole and the package is sleek and clean. The black matte box and packaging will only cost $.55 for each gram of cannabis concentrate. The two of us also set the famer up with a few of our other customers that are in the same industry. Together, I think they might be able to form a co-op. That would save them currency on permits and state fees, while bolstering each of their individual brands.

Medical marijuana business permit service