The cannabis shop called myself and others to join them for a project

I always loved to cook food for our family, but even when I was a young girl, I enjoyed enjoying cooking shows… I came up with inventive & creative meals to woo our Dad & dad.

I went to culinary college & spent a year abroad learning from the great french masters.

I came back to the states & opened a diner three blocks from the home where I grew up. I was awarded our first Michelin star at the age of 26. I now have three diners in the region & a catering service that stays busy all the time. I recently got involved in a unquestionably cool & interesting project! The owner of a local cannabis corporation called myself and others to discuss a new edible cannabis treat line. The woman wanted myself and others to consult on the project, but she was willing to toil out a deal where our image & diner logo would be featured on the cannabis products. I was totally blown away by the offer & I knew I needed to consult with our lawyer, however my lawyer & I discussed the legalities of being section of a cannabis business. Every one of us met with the cannabis corporation owner & three board members. My lawyer & I discussed our terms & the corporation agreed to everything, however after that, I decided to join the project. I offer advice on flavors & ingredients. I consult on each edible that is section of our signature line. I have three weird flavors of cookies, along with 2 weird brownies. My face will be featured in more than a dozen weird cannabis shops around the city.

marijuana dispensary consulting