I wanted to learn why people enjoy using pot

My child jokingly told me that when on a trip you do as the natives do.

I decided to take his dues as the natives do entirely literally.

I told him I was trying to go into a recreational pot store, the look on his face was funny. You would have thought I had told him I was trying to commit a murder instead of going to a recreational pot store in the area. I thought that if recreational marijuana was so wonderful for them, I wanted to learn why. I couldn’t understand the reasoning why some would want to use something that would make them lose all inhibitions. My desire for self-control over everything I do, was the way I lived for all my years. However, there was something inside me that wanted to find out why pot seemed to be so enjoyable to use. I felt that if I was safe around anyone, it was definitely my child and his spouse. Neither of them would let anything bad happen to me! So, that afternoon, the group of us headed to a recreational pot store. I’m not sure what I expected, but it was not what I saw. The recreational pot store he took me to, looked very similar to a sweet shop. There were candies everywhere on the shelves. Inside the display cases, there were cupcakes, cakes and different baked items. My child purchased only one cupcake for the several of us to share and I’m blissful I only went for a small bite. Approximately an hour later, I was giggling like crazy and wondering what possessed me to go into the recreational pot store.


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