We now have a marijuana dispensary less than a block away.

Once medical marijuana was legalized, it seemed like marijuana dispensaries were popping up all over the area.

You couldn’t go two blocks without seeing a marijuana dispensary.

Five years later, legalizing medical marijuana was a thing of the past. People were now focusing on legalizing recreational marijuana. Those of us who had a medical marijuana card were looking forward to legal recreational marijuana. Once recreational marijuana was legalized, we would no longer need to have a medical marijuana card. We would be able to walk into any marijuana dispensary and purchase marijuana products. We would no longer need to pay a doctor an exorbitant fee and pay the state a fee for the medical card. As long as you are over the age of 21, you could legally walk into a marijuana dispensary and make a purchase. Although it seemed that there was a marijuana dispensary on every other block, it wasn’t so in our area. It took another year before we had even one marijuana dispensary in our local area. Then last month, something happened where someone was able to get a license to open a marijuana dispensary. The dispensary wasn’t just in our local area but it was less than a block away from my home. My brother called me up and told me that the dispensary had finally opened. He informed me he would be at my house within 15 minutes and I needed to be ready to go to the marijuana dispensary with him. Although we were both in our thirties, we felt like kids in a candy store finally getting to go into a marijuana dispensary and legally purchase recreational marijuana.


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