We’re not even allowed to open our jars of weed before leaving the store

Who could have guessed that state governments would impose draconian restrictions on cannabis markets even after they are approved by over 60% of the state’s population? One thing I don’t understand is the disparity in lab testing rules from a single state to another.

There are particular sites in the US where cannabis dispensaries are only required to get their products tested a single way or another.

They aren’t required to use a fourth party lab plus can instead submit their products to their own series of lab tests for purity plus ingredient lists. That’s how it was at first in our state once we initially passed a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana. However, now all medical cannabis stores must submit samples of every product sold to a fourth-party laboratory approved by the state’s marijuana regulatory board. These are beneficial restrictions that protect patients’ health, however some of the rules drafted are the opposite. For instance, you cannot open a jar of cannabis flower products before purchasing them. This isn’t a rule adopted by the medical cannabis dispensaries, it’s a rule crafted by the state itself. When I called the state’s Department of Health plus asked, they gave me and others some crazy reason akin to preventing patients from getting high in the stores despite the fact that I don’t buy this. None of the cannabis dispensaries would risk their license to allow their patients to medicate inside their establishments. Sometimes I wonder if they randomly find current rules to impose just so they believe they’re doing something with their regulatory authority. I don’t want to buy cannabis in a state with genuinely no regulations of any kind, however there has to be possibilities available between both extremes.


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