There are many sativas that aren’t as stimulating

I love going crazy in the afternoon as long as I’m not bothered by my friends or family.

Since I work from home, an unexpected visit from a close friend could disrupt my task shift entirely.

I tell most people to not take it personally if I don’t answer the cellphone or the doorbell if it’s the middle of the afternoon because I’m unquestionably tied up now working in my up-to-date study room. My hour pop maker is in my up-to-date study room so I don’t even need to get up for more caffeine. There’s also a mini fridge inside plus a washroom attached in the adjacent room which used to be a walk-in closet. Aside from drinking copious amounts of pop plus listening to fast-tempo jazz consistently while I work, I also love to use cannabis sparingly. I don’t use just any kind of cannabis while I work, I love sativa strains because they’re correctly much more stimulating plus energizing than indicas plus hybrid strains. This has at least been the case for me in my limited experience with the cannabis plant. However, the sativa Durban Funk ended up making me exhausted when I had some at the beginning of my task shift Last week. I was expecting an energizing feeling to accontractor my coffee, but instead I felt my brain lapsing plus getting distracted by extraneous thoughts. I suppose that the “sativa” distinction is all but meaningless with new hybrids, but at least most growers will label a strain a single type versus another based on the subjective feeling of the users. If it’s a more energizing strain, it is often right away lumped in with other sativas. The inverse is true for indicas.


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