Pre-rolled joints are sometimes made with trim and low quality shake

Sometimes you might think you’re getting a really good deal when you might want to avoid the discount at all costs.

If you see meat on sale at the grocery store, make sure the sale has nothing to do with the age of the meat unless it’s still within the safe date range for expiration.

Often clearance meat will be within a day or two of expiring, but this isn’t always the case. A lot of stores have rotating sales on their raw chicken, pork, and beef. This is how I get most of the meat I use in my homemade meals, especially when there are buy-one, get-one free deals on chicken breasts and thighs. You can also get 50% off spare ribs if you don’t mind buying them prefrozen. But always beware meat that’s simply on clearance because it’s about to expire. Although this isn’t a given, in some cases bacteria could already be growing inside the meat. It’s not worth taking the risk if you can’t verify the dates with the meat seller. When I first started shopping at cannabis dispensaries, I thought that discounted pre-rolled joints were the best deal out there. They seemed like a cheap way to get stoned really quickly with a bunch of friends, but now that I know the truth about pre-rolled joints I won’t be buying them again. While there are a handful of cannabis sellers that offer pre-rolled joints made from quality cannabis flower products, sadly many of these pre-rolled joints contain shake, trim, and low-quality clippings that would otherwise get used for concentrate extraction or thrown directly into the garbage.

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