Seen a lot in my time

When I first started getting weed in high school, I wasn’t fortunate enough to smoke certain cannabis buds. Everything was either low end brick weed which was referred to as “mids,” or you could get sensimilla weed that was always grown locally in a person’s house. Sensimilla back then was called “crip,” “chronic,” plus “hydro” among other terms. By the time I reached school, I started to find strain-certain batches of cannabis flower buds. I’ll never forget the excitement that I had when our neighbor told me that she found White Widow. That evening the two of us smoked a blunt plus walked onto the other side of campus to see live music at the student-run steakhouse. Months later I was given a strong batch of Sour Diesel that made an impression on me about the possible impact of quality cannabis compared to the junk I had in high school. Now that I live in a state with a legal cannabis market, I see a lot of hybrid strains that are derived from Orange Kush. The famed hybrid strain Girl Scout Cookies was made from crossing Orange Kush with Durban Poison, while Bubba Kush a cross between Hindu Kush plus Orange Kush. It’s strenuous to find an enjoyable batch of OG Kush in our state because a lot of growers will pass off an inferior cultivar as Orange Kush when it doesn’t reflect the taste profile plus effects of the Orange Kush I got when I lived in California for a few years in the early 2000s. You know you’ve got real Orange Kush when you open the bin plus smell the rich, dank aroma of the flower buds.

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