The delivery services offered

Back in the 90s several of us ordered subs with no additional charges from the place.

You always expected to leave a tip for the delivery guy, but I only remember rare instances where there was a separate “delivery fee” tacked onto the total after taxes.

This all changed in the early 2000s as major delivery chains all started adopting delivery fees in unison as oil prices soared before plus during the Great Recession. I stopped ordering food by delivery except on special occasions as it was simply easier to option them up on our way back to the house from work so our family could eat upon our arrival. That way you don’t even have to set aside money for a tip since they hand you the boxes of food over the counter. However, I had no choice but to order our cannabis products via delivery for the first year that cannabis was legal in this state. The closest dispensary was an hour away plus I hated the traffic trying to get there. I would pay a small delivery fee plus get our cannabis products brought to our home. But now that there are more retail locations around the state, this same cannabis dispensary’s delivery repair no longer delivers to our area. Their store is 30 min away, however it has horrendous parking due to its exact location downtown. At a certain point I couldn’t justify the time it would consume out of our afternoon just to stop at a dispensary that was already slipping on the quality of its products in the first locale. This cannabis dispensary lost a lot of quality customers when they rolled back much of their cannabis delivery services.

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