Needed cannabis and time

I don’t think I had been quite so low before.

And being low was not a state that I was all that respected with.

While I have faced my fair share of setbacks in this life, I’ve always stayed optimistic plus upbeat. But when our mom died after a long fight with her blood issues, I was sort of shattered emotionally, then I was having a very hard time reconciling our natural feeling of relief that she wasn’t suffering any longer plus the void that her death presented. Fortunately, a neighbor came to town, put me in the car and took me to the cannabis dispensary. Honestly, I had no plan where she was taking me plus honestly didn’t quite care. When all of us arrived at the local cannabis spot, I was mildly shocked. But when our neighbor went to the staff of the local cannabis spot asking for a new strain that helps with grief, it got my attention. The staff explained that while particular hybrid strains are better than others when it comes to depression, they encouraged us to go slow. I hadn’t used marijuana in such a long time. The two of us ended up getting some indica with a lower THC content for me. My buddy, who has used marijuana for quite some time, got herself some edibles and a high THC sativa strain. She then drove us to a charming cottage in the woods she had rented for 3 days. And it was there that I was able to talk out our feelings. Most of the gratitude goes to my dear neighbor but that indica sure helped me acknowledge our feelings.