Way more expensive there

I’m happy to visit our neighbor Taylor next week. She moved out west after the two of us graduated from college plus I haven’t seen my buddy since. When she invited me to stay with her at her apartment for a week plus turn it into a mini-vacation, I couldn’t say anything. I had never traveled farther west. I was eager to fly over the rocky mountain range during our airplane flight. Since it was an afternoon flight on a clear afternoon, I saw a lot more of the mountains than I expected. Even though I had a stopover that made the trip take 10 hours in total, it sure beat driving that distance instead. One reason for our trip was getting an opportunity to try cannabis from a recreational marijuana market. My beach house state still lacks any form of legal cannabis, neither medical or recreational. Technically I can order CBD plus hemp products over the internet, however they aren’t a great replacement for traditional cannabis in our opinion. Overall, I was happy to shop in a recreational cannabis store for the first time in our life. I was eager to try cannabis flower products, edibles, plus vaporizer cartridges. Although the selection at the recreational cannabis store was impressive, the prices nearly gave me a heart attack. I was used to paying as much as $50 for a small ounce of cannabis flower products on the black market in my home state. After taxes, the same amount of cannabis flower buds from the recreational weed store was $68! It was phenomenal marijuana, however I’m not sure it was worth paying a 50% markup.


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