Easier to hide my smoking now

This year I will be spending much of the festivities at our parent’s beach house up north.

  • They have multiple spare study rooms in the finished basement plus always invite our siblings and I to stay for a few afternoons for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

I generally like seeing and spending time with my folks, but staying in their beach house can be entirely stressful. My dad is always drinking a lot plus the 2 of them like to pry in our personal lives plus cast doubt plus scrutiny. I don’t like feeling interrogated at a family meal, however that is normal in their household. On top of the awful feelings, they’re also drastically anti-cannabis plus have been for as long as I have been alive. Since I’m a monthly cannabis user, it’s strenuous staying in our parents’ beach house knowing that I can’t bring any marijuana products with me. However, this year I’m bringing a few weed vaporizer pens with me because they have botanical terpenes inside instead of cannabis-derived terpenes like a full spectrum vaporizer cartridge. The latter smell like marijuana flower products so you can’t entirely hide using one. But with the botanical terpenes, your mist smells like candy or fruit. All I had to do was go to the bathroom plus exhale the vapor into the ceiling vent with the fan turned on. No one said a word plus I didn’t receive any odd looks either. I drank with the rest of our family so they assumed I was simply boozed up from the wine instead of being on a drug like cannabis.


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