Want a mature batch

My parents have told me many stories about getting weed in the 1970s and 1980s. Until the 80s there was no such thing as “sensimilla,” which is a term used to describe unpollinated female cannabis buds. These unpollinated females would produce flower buds free of seeds and would then yield stronger effects. The energy once used to create seeds can go into trichome production rather. But prior to sensimilla becoming popular nationwide, the batches of cannabis coming from all over the world had lots of stems and seeds in them. Columbian Gold and Acapulco Gold particularly had a gold tint to them and long, thin leaves like you’d expect from a pure sativa. Nowadays most legal cannabis is grown indoors so it’s a lot easier to produce batches of sensimilla without any seeds. Alas, this isn’t always the situation as I have gained a few bad batches of cannabis flower products in this state that were filled with immature seeds. If I’m going to find a seed in a high end cannabis product, I want it to at least be a mature seed that I can save for home cultivation. So, the last few times I found seeds they were far from being viable for growing. Even if you complain to the dispensary, the best thing they will do is supply you 10% off your next order. If you can’t trust the updatement product will be any better, why bother taking their discount in the first place? Getting a good seed for a change would be cool, however I doubt I’ll ever be that fortunate. At least supply me sensimilla if those are the kind of prices you’re going to charge. That’s at least what I expect from a reputable cannabis dispensary in a legal state.

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