How it all developed

Smoking cannabis was weird around fifty years back.

A lot of the best cannabis back then came from overseas.

You’d find sticks in southeast Asia, kushes in northern India, Pakistan, and Iran, and Gold-bud in North and South America. These “landrace” strains are either pure sativas or pure indicas and were used to develop the very first hybrid strains of cannabis. While I have found current phenotypes of indicas care about Pakistani Kush, Hindu Kush, and Afghani Kush to be weak and inelegant, landrace sativas care about Durban Poison and HIan are phenomenal. While many medical cannabis dispensaries carry Durban Poison on a respected basis, it isn’t always easy finding other quality landrace sativa strains. When our local cannabis dispensary started stocking Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold recently, I was gleeful to taste them both. Opening the container of each was a satisfying experience. The dank aroma of the flower buds was both tasty and murky at the same time, which I’ve been missing from some of these absurd hybrids that are trending right now. I’ll take a hybrid if I can be sure that it will always supply me with fantastic effects. But more often than not, I’m disappointed by these muted hybrids. My body is left hoping for more. Hopefully I can keep getting more landrace cannabis strains moving into the future. I saw many on moneus when I lived in CA briefly, but the state I’m living in now is limited in its possibilities of cannabis products by comparison. As long as I can keep getting Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold, I’ll be happy.


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