Distillate extracted

I don’t need to understand the complex medical process that goes into making the prescriptions I take biweekly as long as I can trust that they’re safe.

Not in the sense of being free of side effects, but without any residual solvents or chemicals left-over from the laboratory.

Otherwise a batch of meds could make someone with poor health even sicker. No doubt the manufacturer would get hit with a large class action lawsuit, so they have every reason to go to any expense to make sure their drugs are pure before they’re sold. I just wish that the cannabis industry was the same, regardless of whether or not you’re shopping with a medical cannabis card or just recreational. Sometimes I get piles that smell a little bit wet despite the lab reports claiming otherwise. The worst are the marijuana oils like distillate syringes and vaporizer cartridges. You might see the strain OG Kush on the packaging, but in fact it’s distillate extracted from any random strain in the grow room and botanical terpenes are added to “simulate” or “showcase” the terpene profile of OG Kush or whatever strain they sell it as. If you ask a neophyte they will claim that all you have left after distillation is just THC, which is an oversimplification of the truth. There are plenty of trace amounts of CBD and CBG that can be plentiful enough to be statistically significant. A single strain of cannabis is set by a complex mix of odd terpenes and cannabinoids present in its makeup. The ratios between all of these constituents is essential, and therefore the idea “simulating” these strains with half a dozen botanical terpenes is ridiculous. Try them if you don’t know the warnings, then go find a full spectrum cannabis concentrate to compare to the marijuana oil.

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