All cookies are equal to me

I am a cookie freak when our self-control gives way to tasty treats and sugar cravings.

I can eat a box of thin mints in a single afternoon so I don’t even buy them anymore.

Why bring food in your home that ruins your self-control in the first place? However, candies get the best of me when I’m at the store getting our essentials for the week. If there are sales on hard candy I will buy several packages. During the quarantine it was even harder to control our food cravings while I was working from home exclusively. Now that I am getting up every afternoon and driving to the office again, I can simply refuse the temptation of taking those sugar snacks with me to work. When I get home, it’s another thing altogether. Recently a new kind of candy has me obsessed, and that’s the sweet cannabis strain. There are a plethora of sweet strains that are hybrids of the famed Girl Scout Cookies strain. Mandarin Dream and GSC create Mandarin Cookies while GSC and Gorilla Glue create the strain known as Gorilla Snacks. You also have the famous Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC1), Pink Cookies, Sour Garlic Cookies, and Wookie Girl. All of these cannabis strains that relate back to Girl Scout Cookies have all been winners when they’re grown properly. You can take the best marijuana genes in the world and ruin them with poor growing techniques. It’s worth spending more money at a quality cannabis dispensary that is focused on stocking always great products to keep patrons coming back for more.

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