My pain was eased by edibles

I recently got our medical marijuana card.

  • I didn’t enjoy the proposal of smoking flowers or using a vape pen.

I thought that if I could buy some edibles, I would be able to control my pain. When I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I told them I wanted edibles. They provided me with caplets, capsules and pills. They also showed me some liquid marijuana that I could put under my tongue. They must have seen the puzzlement on my face because the young woman at the counter asked me if I had a question? I told her I had been thinking along the line of edibles. She explained that in my state, edibles were considered to be too closely related to recreational marijuana. Since recreational marijuana wasn’t legal in my state, they couldn’t sell edibles. I asked her if they sold any marijuana products that would allow me to get the benefit of the marijuana, but make something that would be more particularly digestible, such as a gummy, then the budtender smiled and showed me some concentrate. She told me to follow the instructions on how much to use and how to use the marijuana concentrate. She said it was easy to use too much and get results from the marijuana that I wasn’t looking for. I took our concentrate home as well as followed the instructions. Marijuana cookies were easy to make and I found that within an hour, my pain was eased and I was able to enjoy a delicious marijuana cookie.


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