Arthritis relief with cannabis

I need to keep on it daily with my cream or I will revert back.

As I have gotten older I have developed soreness, pain and stiffness in my hands. At first I thought I had overworked my hands due to my job. I work online, typing on a computer all day. I also paint, garden, and like to knit in my spare time. My fingers and hands get a lot of use. I then did some googling when the pain got to be severe. I realized that I had developed arthritis. I had to cut off all my rings because my fingers swelled to sausages. I also started eating gin soaked white raisins to lessen the inflammation. It helped somewhat, but I needed more relief. I looked online and found that a lot of people rely on cannabis for arthritis now. I had the option of smoking a joint, blunt or pre-roll of cannabis flower or I could do a simple topical. I am more of a topical girl. I now use a cream that I apply directly to the affected areas two times a day. I wake up and go to bed by putting on my cream. The soreness, inflammation and stiffness is much better. I have more movement in my fingers and my hands don’t ache as much anymore. I need to keep on it daily with my cream or I will revert back. I am hoping someday that I can put on a few rings again. That ship might have sailed through. My artihis is pretty bad and my fingers look just huge now. At least I am no longer in pain.

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