CBD products to reduce stress

I have always been a really intense and high energy person.

It has helped me reach due dates at work, lead projects and be a manager of a small team of people.

I can plan a trip without any problem and I always show up on time to events. That kind of high energy means that I am a naturally stressed out, edgy person. I have started developing anxiety due to work. Driving to work is very difficult because I start having trouble breathing. I then need to pull over before an anxiety attack happens. Occasionally at work I get a little panicking with all my due dates and projects lined up. Since my anxiety was starting to affect my productivity, I started looking for help. I found that anxiety medications come with side effects and aren’t too reliable. A lot of people use cannabis for anxiety now and that is what I do. Introducing a little CBD into my day to day routine has helped a bunch. When I get to work I chew CBD tablets at my desk. It mellows me out and keeps me calm throughout the work day. Before I go to bed I put CBD oil in my cup of tea. It is so relaxing having a hot drink and CBD to soothe me to sleep. I sleep better, feel better and haven’t had an anxiety attack since I tried CBD products. I might need to up the THC as I get older. For now, I seem to be doing just fine with what I have.


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