So many ways to dose with cannabis

I was relieved when my state finally offered legal recreational cannabis.

I have suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression for years.

I just sort of dealt with it on my own. Going to the doctors would be too expensive, time consuming and disheartening. I knew I wouldn’t take prescription pills either. Cannabis has been linked to treating all those issues, the problem was I couldn’t get my hands on it. When the first cannabis dispensary in my area opened up, I immediately went inside. I was shocked at how many cannabis products there are out there. To start with, there are inhalations, orals and topicals to choose from. So that means I can choose to smoke a cannabis flower or oil through a joint, vape, pre-roll, bong, pipe and all sorts of methods. The oral route is a wide selection of edibles like cookies, gummies, mints, chocolates and tablets. Topically people use creams, lotions, sprays and bath bombs for inflammation and pain relief. It seemed the best fit for my issues was the edible method. In order to sleep I use a CBD oil that I place under the tongue each night. For anxiety and depression I have THC infused gummies that I pop into my mouth throughout the day. It keeps me calm, relaxed and happy to have them nearby. I feel bad for the states that are still medical cannabis only. It is such a relief knowing I can walk into the store anytime I run out of my cannabis products. I also get better quality products suited to my exact needs.

Medical cannabis