Taking mom to the cannabis dispensary

My mother is in her 70s and is quite mobile.

She still does yardwork, cleans her house and drives her own car.

She works out and stretches everyday. Even though my mother is still quite active and spry, she does suffer some limitations. She has real trouble with arthritis, especially in her hips. My mother struggles bending down and jumping into my truck. She also has issues sleeping at night due to the pain. My mother has been to multiple doctors and tried all sorts of medications. The side effects were horrible and she never got any relief. I have just now finally convinced my mother to go to the cannabis dispensary for me. Weed has been linked with helping arthritis. It can decrease pain and inflammation. It helps the muscles relax and loosen up. Since my mother is of an older generation, she still believed the negative stigma on cannabis. Thankfully she changed her mind after being in a cannabis dispensary. The budtenders were professional and knowledgeable. The cannabis dispensary was clean, modern and had a wide range of cannabis products. Mymother was able to hear about the different consumption methods and choose what she preferred. She also got to discuss flavor, smell and dosage with a knowledgeable professional. It felt more like taking her to a doctor’s office than a weed shop. She was pleased with what she got and the experience. My mother has seen relief with her arthritis pain as well. She is able to sleep, stretch and move around much easier because of her cannabis products.

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