Helping my sore muscles out

I have always been extremely active.

As a child I did multiple sports like hockey, tennis, soccer and football. In college I was on the soccer team and played pick up games in my spare time. As an adult I work out seven days a week for at least an hour. I will go for long runs, take out my bike or swim for extended periods of time. I stretch before and after a workout, but I still sustain injuries. I also never take a day off from a workout, even if I am sore. I just live in a constant state of soreness and pain. I have knee issues, stiffness in my hips and plantar fasciitis. I recently decided to do something about my pain. I found that people use cannabis products to treat pain and inflammation. It is supposed to loosen the muscles and relax the body. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil though. I wanted something more medical like and practical. Thankfully the budtenders at the cannabis dispensary near me were amazing. It was highly recommended for me to go the topical route. This is where the product is directly applied to the skin for relief. Typically it doesn’t contain any THC content to get me high either. I choose a CBD cream that I now apply to my skin twice a day. It feels like a much more powerful icy hot on my body. It feels like heaven on my sore muscles and I have already noticed a difference in my movement. I think if I can manage to take at least one day off from working out, I will get back to normal.

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