Cannabis delivery makes things easier

Delivery is the most amazing thing in the entire world. I love that I no longer have to come in person to pick up my products. I have gotten everything I can set to be delivered. I love picking out all my groceries online and having them sent to me. I no longer need to stand at the deli or go back to the store for a missing item. My birth control, air filters and cat related products are all on a delivery program as well. The best is cannabis delivery though. I used to drive 20 minutes both ways to get to the cannabis dispensary. Then I needed to walk around the store for almost ten minutes trying to find what product I used. Then I waited in line, paid and had to go back home. It was a long, tiring process. Shopping online for cannabis is the best. I can read the product descriptions, reviews and take my time with the purchase. There is even a chat feature with my online cannabis dispensary too. I can text back and forth with a budtender if I need help or recommendations. I get all the same quality service but I don’t need to drive or change out of my PJs. Then once I have placed the order, I just sit on my butt and wait for it to come to my front door. I feel like a king. With COVID I don’t even need to greet the driver either. I can do contactless delivery and just have them leave it in my mailbox. My life has gotten so much easier now that cannabis delivery is becoming commonplace. I have no need to ever go into a real store anymore.


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