Vaping is a much better way for me

I was a cannabis flower guy for a very long time.

I smoked through a bowl, bong or bought pre-rolls at the cannabis dispensary near me.

The process to get to smoking my cannabis was long and tiring though. I also didn’t like that I created fumes and smells like cannabis whenever I smoked. It was very obvious what I was doing to everyone around. I started looking for a more discreet method of taking in my cannabis. I have zero interest in edibles. Cannabis is a plant and I want to smoke it. I don’t want to eat sugary snacks or drinks in order to get the relaxing high feeling. I found that cannabis oil can be vaped and my life has changed for the better. Vaping cannabis is just way better. I now have a little device that I carry on a lanyard around my neck or I stick it in my pocket. It is small, compact and lightweight. Nobody knows when I whip it out to smoke too. The smell when you vape is non-existent. There is hardly any smoke that comes out of the device too. At a party it is really easy to take a few puffs in the bathroom or as I am walking up to the house. The vape is always locked, loaded and ready to go. How the vape works is much healthier too. I am no longer breathing in harmful chemicals and fumes due to the way the oil is heated. I can also choose if I want to vape heavily on CBD, THC or terpenes. I really get the best of everything vaping a cannabis oil now.

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