Cannabis is too good to ignore

It really is shocking to me how long it has taken our country to rely on cannabis. People have been using cannabis in the olden days. Way back in the 1500s it was used in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes. Research had been done on the medical properties of the plant way back in the 60s and it has slowly gained in popularity. Even though cannabis was around for so long and used in positive ways, our country had placed a bad label on it. For years we were told about cannabis being a gateway drug to worse products like meth, heroin and cocaine. Cannabis is not even in the same category. Finally the positives of this plant is getting some press. The medical benefits no longer can be ignored. It is common practice for chemotherapy patients to use cannabis to help with nausea. People with seizures, dementia, PTSD and MS are using cannabis. Even issues like anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are finding relfie with the plant. Most medical marijuana patients are going for cannabis due to the help with chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis also isn’t harmful recreationally too. You can overdose or get addicted to cannabis. It is a fairly safe and healthy way to have fun. Cannabis is much better and easier on the body than alcohol. So why do states still resist legalizing recreational weed? The money alone that cannabis could bring to a state is shocking. The states with legal marijuana have offered jobs to 100s of people too. Our country cannot ignore the benefits much longer.