Street marijuana was scarier than medical marijuana.

Over the last decade, I realized street marijuana was becoming more dangerous.

Every time you turn around, you hear something in the news about how marijuana was being laced with more dangerous drugs. The dangerous drugs were being laced with even more dangerous drugs that could kill more quickly. Although for years I was a proponent of using marijuana, I knew that it was no longer safe to use. When I heard that our state had legalized medical marijuana, I went to my doctor and questioned him. Using any kind of marijuana was scary but using street marijuana was even scarier. My doctor guaranteed me that medical marijuana was very high quality marijuana, and it was regulated by the state. He chuckled and said that if the state wanted their share of the money brought in from medical marijuana, they had to guarantee that it was of high quality and safe to use. I had been using marijuana for years because of my anxiety. If the doctor thought that medical marijuana could also ease my anxieties and help me to sleep, I wanted to try it. I played the game and did everything I had to get my medical marijuana card. It took almost 6 weeks before I was able to get to the doctor, semi-money to the state, and get my ID card. I was happy to finally get the marijuana I needed for my anxieties and not have to worry about whether or not it was going to make me crazy or kill me. Medical marijuana was going to make a big difference for me and my family.

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