It petrified me to go into the medical marijuana shop.

I’m not sure why but the thought of going to the medical marijuana store petrified me.

It isn’t that I was afraid to use medical marijuana, because I had been using marijuana long before it was legalized.

I think it was more the fact that my mother was going to know that I used marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensary was located in the shopping center Plaza where my mother did most of her shopping. I was afraid that she was going to see me going into her coming out of the marijuana dispensary with my package. I pictured myself laughing at her when she asked if I’d been shopping for me, and simply telling her well of course I have. Mom didn’t like to be around anyone who used any type of drug. She shuns people if she thought she even had an inkling of an idea that they use marijuana or some kind of illegal drug. I guess I had to get it through her head that marijuana was now legalized for medical use. Once she understood that I wasn’t using illegal drugs, but using marijuana for medical reasons, I was sure that she was going to come around. Maybe I shouldn’t say I was sure she would come around, but I was sure hoping she would come around. I didn’t want to hide the fact that I use medical marijuana for seizures from my mom. She knew how the medicine the doctor gave me had affected me. I would like to think she would be happy that I could use medical marijuana for relief from the seizures, and not need to go through what I went through with prescriptions.


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