I have less energy after smoking weed in the afternoon

I usually smoke weed every single afternoon.

I try not to smoke in the afternoon when I first wake up, because then I do not have much energy for the rest of the afternoon. I suppose more calm as well as relaxed, but I often went to take a nap after lunch time. I try to follow the same schedule every single afternoon, but there are more things when I wake up as well as the first thing I want to do is smoke weed. Monday was a single of those afternoons. I woke up that afternoon as well as it was particularly chilly outside. I wanted to snuggle under the blankets with the heat running, but I had to get out of bed as well as go to work. I decided to smoke a little bit of weed to get our brain started as well as our body moving. I didn’t have any sativa strains, so I decided to smoke a hybrid marijuana strain called Girl Scout cookies… Girl Scout cookies is supposed to be an evenly mixed hybrid, but I felt legitimately sleepy after I had a hit or 2. I went to work as well as nearly fell asleep at our desk before lunch, when it was time to take lunch, I went outside to our car as well as not for 30 minutes instead of going downtown with friends. Most afternoons both of us go to the deli as well as grab a sandwich as well as a squash, but all I wanted to do was catch a couple of minutes of sleep. I felt legitimately refreshed after 30 minutes in the car, as well as I was certainly cheerful that our friend brought myself and others back a roast beef sandwich.

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