Author: Peter

Medical marijuana card was essential

I had never heard of anyone complaining about restless leg syndrome. There were those cable commercials but as with most TV commercials, I simply tune them out. Still, before I started to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana for restless leg syndrome, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m not the sort […]

Managing my back pain with medical cannabis

I consistently find it so ironic that our back problem genuinely is related to an old pigskin injury. Just saying that out loud seems to be so hackneyed and trite. But it’s the tolerable truth. And before I found medical marijuana, the old pigskin injury was taking a severe toll on our life. The injury […]

My arthritis responds well to medical marijuana

After more than 15 years of dealing with chronic arthritis, I’m finally finding relief. And it’s genuinely changing our life for the better. But for me, using medical marijuana was way off my radar when it came to treatment options for our chronic condition. I’m in our sixties now and still young enough that I […]

Battling cancer with a medical marijuana card

I found it so genuinely interesting how quickly our primary care doctor got the wheels in motion for me to go through all of the marijuana rules to get access to a cannabis dispensary. My buddy and I got the process underway the same afternoon she gave me the diagnosis. Of course, the doc passed […]

Migraine headaches are gone thanks to cannabis

Since I’ve started using medical marijuana, I’m down to less than numerous migraines every three to five weeks I was so blissful when medical marijuana wound up getting passed in this state. At the time, I was a bigger proponent for the truth and official sense than I was a large marijuana advocate. But the […]