Author: Peter

The office day with cannabis

My job got a whole lot better once I got the new job title. It came with more cash, which was awesome. It also came with an office, and that was the game-changer for me. Most of the employees here work in cubicles. There is one main room, super big, that is crammed full of […]

So much easier to get marijuana

I never thought I would see the day when I could purchase CBD at a little roadside station. Of course, there are some of those stations that sell hot dogs, but that doesn’t mean you should buy it! Back in university, when I first started trying weed, I had to hunt and call around to […]

Get the good stuff

Life is quite short. You shouldn’t have to settle for low quality merchandise. I appreciate a drink now and again, but when I do drink, it will be from the top shelf of the bar. If I am going to have vodka I won’t drink whatever is on hand, I will get the finest liquor […]

A peaceful cannabis business

Ian was a military man for years; He ended up resigning his post due to mental problems with the war and then became a huge opponent of the war. He was still good about the soldiers, he just thought lives were being wasted needlessly in the current war. At one of the protests he went […]

It was a smart way to sell weed

When I was in college, I bought my weed from a girl who drove a popsicle van. She literally had multiple jobs, plus when she had stopped plus parked she would serve frozen treats to all the younger kids. Then she would open the back doors of the van, get into her special cooler on […]

They met through cannabis

Gather round, gentlemen and ladies, because I have the cutest story you will hear this week! I recently got a chance to undoubtedly talk with my nana, and her story blew my mind! I have known her my entire life, of course, but it is different now, because I am a mother plus we connect […]