Author: Peter

I can find it at the local cannabis spot

I don’t know & perhaps it’s just me. But it seems that shopping is getting harder & harder for me to complete successfully, and perhaps my expectations have become unsatisfactory or something. That might be the case. I mean, I can shop online for recreational marijuana these afternoons. Literally, there isn’t anything that I need […]

They needed an age verifier for the website.

I noticed there were too many people trying to place online orders for marijuana delivery. No one was asking about ages plus I was worried none of the bartenders were asking. If we didn’t ask about the age of the woman when they called in an order, I was going to wind up in jail, […]

Is it time for the cannabis cafe yet?

It’s only two or 3 times a month. And if anybody has a problem with me going to see the cannabis cafe two or 3 times a month, I simply don’t care. When you have to raise three young women who are basically three years apart, you need a cannabis cafe afternoon all the time. […]

Endless possibilities for recreational marijuana

And then a marijuana delivery service driver would simply bring my cannabis products to my door We are quite lucky to live in a state where there are progressive, satisfactory as well as sensible weed laws to govern recreational marijuana. I sincerely wasn’t confident that it was ever going to happen anywhere in the country. […]

Marijuana makes sense in my life

I assume I had some super intense hang-ups when I was first introduced to using recreational marijuana. That had everything to do with where my mind was about cannabis back then. I grew up in a easily small, rural as well as devoutly religious community, and cannabis was referred to the devil’s cabbage as well […]

Cannabis cafe is best part of week

It usually doesn’t take until after lunch on Monday before I’m thinking about Saturday morning at the cannabis cafe. I live in a state where recreational marijuana is quite legal. So that makes having a cannabis cafe also quite legal. For those who don’t know what a cannabis cafe is, I’ll digress for a moment. […]