Balance and stress reduction can be found at the cannabis dispensary

I’ve found that dealing with my stress in a healthy, positive way is what it’s all about.

And this comes from one who had had stress really cause problems. The work I do is something that I enjoy. At least I enjoy the cerebral part of what I do. The stress part is not something that I like at all. But that sort of comes with the territory in my field. Still, I knew the way the stress was eating me up and the way I was handling it was not at all sustainable. Thankfully, I live in a state where I have access to cannabis products. Recreational marijuana as well as medical marijuana are legal here. The medical marijuana legalization came first. But it was such a great success that it didn’t take long for the voters of this state to legalize recreational marijuana. I had seen a doctor about my stress when I realized that drinking too much sure wasn’t helping. But the medication was either ineffective or left me completely fuzzed out. This is when I started to read more about cannabis and the stress relief benefits it possesses. I took a whirl at some indica products first and noticed that my body was much more relaxed in order to go get some good sleep. Then I tried some of the sativa strains for sale and that too was very productive. I noticed that the sativa products were just a bit more to my liking. Sativa products seem to give me a bit more of perspective on my stress as well as provide a relaxing physical sensation.



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I got a free pre roll with my first purchase

Every marijuana dispensary in town has a first-time patient special.

Some of the dispensaries offer a free gift with the first purchase.

Other dispensaries offer a first time discount. When a new marijuana dispensary opened a block away from my apartment, I was particularly excited. That marijuana dispensary was easily within walking distance. The first time I went to the store, I got a free pre-roll with my purchase. I also received 10% off my first purchase. The marijuana dispensary offered everything in the store at 20% savings and my 10% off first time patient was stackable with the 20% savings. I saved a total of 30% on my $200 marijuana order. I also received a free pre-roll. I got to pick the strain that I wanted from a group of ten different pre rolled cigarettes. Each strain had high THC percentages, so that made the choice even harder. I decided to pick the Blue Dream sativa marijuana joint. Blue Dream is easily one of the best sativa strains. It is well known for its flavor and aroma. They also had Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer in sativa strains. They had a couple of Indica strains as well, but I planned to smoke the marijuana joint immediately and I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in bed. Everytime I smoke an Indica strain, I need a nap a couple of hours later. It’s the perfect type of marijuana to smoke at night before bed, but it can really slow me down on a day when I’m too busy to stop.

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I thought calling the police was good idea

I had a cannabis delivery fast Friday night and it turned out to be one of the most strange and unusual deliveries of my life.

  • I had $75 worth of cannabis supplies and I arrived at the address on the invoice.

As soon as I got out of my truck, I heard loud noises coming from the house. I walked up to the front door and knocked a couple of times. The people inside of the house continued to scream and yell. I knocked again, but this time I banged my fist on the door like the police. I still didn’t get anyone to answer the door. I walked back to my car and I called the telephone number on the order form. No one answered the telephone either. I left a message on the voicemail. I told the customer that I was sitting outside with the cannabis supplies. I waited a couple of minutes and then I knocked on the door again. I heard a couple of loud sounds coming from inside the house. It sounded like gunshots, so I took out my phone and called 911. I thought calling the police was a good idea, especially since I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone or the front door. The police wanted me to wait until they arrived, but I told them that I was a cannabis delivery driver and I had to continue with my work. The police officer took my name and telephone number so he could get more information from me at a later date.


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I have less energy after smoking weed in the morning

I usually smoke weed every single day.

  • I try not to smoke in the morning when I first wake up, because then I don’t have much energy for the rest of the day.

I feel more calm and relaxed, but I often went to take a nap after lunch time. I try to follow the same schedule every single day, but there are more things when I wake up and the first thing I want to do is smoke weed. Tuesday was one of those days. I woke up that morning and it was particularly cold outside. I wanted to snuggle under the blankets with the heat running, but I had to get out of bed and go to work. I decided to smoke a little bit of weed to get my brain started and my body moving. I didn’t have any sativa strains, so I decided to smoke a hybrid marijuana strain called Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies is supposed to be an evenly mixed hybrid, but I felt very tired after I had a hit or two. I went to work and nearly fell asleep at my desk before lunch. When it was time to take lunch, I went outside to my car and not for 30 minutes instead of going downtown with friends. Most days we go to the deli and grab a sandwich and a pickle, but all I wanted to do was catch a couple of minutes of sleep. I felt very refreshed after 30 minutes in the car, and I was really glad that my friend brought me back a roast beef sandwich.

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If my boss knew I was high, he wouldn't have been so happy

Yesterday before work, I decided to go hiking with a couple of friends.

I didn’t have to be in the office until lunch time and I spent the first few hours on a trail by the lake.

One of my buddies joined me for the 8 mile hike. He had a cannabis vape pen in his pocket and he took a couple of hits from the vape pen regularly. He offered that cannabis pen to me several times, but I said no. Halfway through the eight-mile hike, I was tired. My buddy convinced me to try the blue dream sativa strain, so I hit the vape pen a couple of times. I was still incredibly high when I had to go to work. I wanted to go home and take a nap, but I had an important meeting with my boss. I thought he would immediately recognize that I was under the influence of marijuana, but he didn’t notice any differences in my behavior. In fact, my boss was extraordinarily happy with several of the ideas I pitched during the meeting. I certainly had a lot more energy and enthusiasm when I was pitching the ideas. That is definitely due to the addition of recreational cannabis that morning. If my boss knew that I was high, he probably would not have been so happy with all of the ideas that are presented. This guy thinks that cannabis is the devil’s drug and he regularly gives money to organizations that want to change the legal laws and make cannabis illegal again.
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Cannabis sativa blends help me feel calm on meeting days

I often have to leave discussions and stay calm and focused

Ever since I was a young person, I have had trouble speaking in public. I didn’t like reading in front of the class and I didn’t prefer to speak up when projects were assigned. I did my best to stay out of the limelight. I was the quietest person in class and I did my best to look small when the teacher asked for volunteers. After I went to college, I had to attend a public speaking class. I had to perform several projects and oral arguments in front of the class. One of my classmates had a marijuana joint. It was a cannabis sativa blend called Blue Dream. My classmate and I smoke the marijuana joint before the public speaking class. I was much more calm and relaxed. I started smoking with my classmate every morning before the public speaking class. I got to be in the class, when I thought I might have to take it two or three times. After I finished college, I continued using recreational marijuana from time to time. Cannabis sativa blends like super silver haze and blue dream help me feel more calm on meeting days. Every Friday I have to meet with a group of employees at the firm. I often have to leave discussions and stay calm and focused. I have a small amount of cannabis sativa before the meeting and I never have a problem expressing all of my ideas and views. I keep a vape pen in my desk and a joint in my personal car at all times.



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My mom started using cannabis regularly for muscle spasms

Did you know that cannabis sativa pants contain more than 100 different cannabinoids? These cannabinoids are responsible for sending signals to our brain that help fight infection, pain, and diseases. One of the widely known cannabinoids is CBD. CBD is used for pain and relief of anxiety. It can come in a variety of different forms like tinctures, edibles, and smokeable flower. I’ve seen a high cannabinoid CBD plant that makes me feel more pain relief than a fifty milligram dose of thc edibles. My mom was using CBD for a while and it was effectively helping with arthritis and joint pain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t helping with the muscle spasms. The doctor prescribed a lot of different pain prescriptions, but nothing worked as well as CBD. After introducing THC as well, my mom started using cannabis regularly for muscle spasms. Cannabis provides a great deal of really. It also helps with depression, and that is one of the reasons why I am using medical cannabis. There are a lot of different reasons why people use the cannabis sativa plant and CBD, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the plant is legal for medical use in more than two-thirds of the country. 13 states allow recreational cannabis use as well. It’s nice to live in one of the recreationally legal states, because the prices on marijuana are far lower than other states. A national study found that recreational marijuana states half 40% or lower prices than the other medical states. It’s hard to argue with those overwhelming statistics.

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I thought people were just complainers until I developed back pain.

I can remember watching my father and other people who had back pain and thinking that it couldn’t be that bad.

There was no physical way of recognizing that he was in pain, other than seeing him no longer walking upright.

It wasn’t until I fell and suffered with back pain that I realized just how debilitating it could be. I made a silent apology to my father for not believing him, and I hoped he would forgive me. Over the period of three years from the time my accident happened, my back pain worsened. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure if I could deal with that much longer. When I heard about medical marijuana, I knew I wanted to try it. The way people talked about marijuana, was the same way the doctors used to talk about steroids. Steroids were supposed to be the end-all be-all for medications. It was able to lessen inflammation, help with asthma, and help with pain. Why people doubted marijuana could do the same thing, had me puzzled. If the steroid, which is a chemical compound, to those things, why couldn’t a natural product do the same thing? I decided to give marijuana try and see what it could do for my back. It wasn’t a miracle cure, but within a couple of weeks I started noticing that I could walk straight again. I have never been so grateful for anything like I am with medical marijuana. People with back pain are just complainers, they are truly in pain. Because of marijuana, I am no longer complaining.

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Until I tried marijuana products, I ached all over.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about five years ago. I had been suffering with aches and pains throughout my body for years. There wasn’t a single doctor who could find a reason for those aches and pains, and most of them treated me like it was all in my head. The fact that I would have achy joints and muscle pain all day long, seemed to be normal to the doctor I was seeing. Finally, my regular doctor was gone when I had an appointment. I had to see an alternative doctor, and she asked if I had ever been told that it could be fibromyalgia. I had never heard of fibromyalgia as she explained to me that it was a condition that affected your muscles and joints and caused mild to severe pain. She told me that there really wasn’t much she could give me to help with the fibromyalgia, but it may behoove me to try medical marijuana. I had never even considered trying marijuana so the idea of using it for medical purposes was foreign to me. Considering I didn’t go a day without the pain, I was willing to try the medical marijuana. She told me what I had to do to obtain my medical card, and I followed all the instructions. Within two weeks after using marijuana, I woke up one morning and realized I was practically without pain. The little bit of pain that I still had, was minor and able to deal with. If it hadn’t been for the new doctor, my fibromyalgia would still be there and making my life difficult to handle. Thanks to the doctor and medical marijuana, I am living a normal life again.

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It petrified me to go into the medical marijuana shop.

I’m not sure why but the thought of going to the medical marijuana store petrified me.

It isn’t that I was afraid to use medical marijuana, because I had been using marijuana long before it was legalized.

I think it was more the fact that my mother was going to know that I used marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensary was located in the shopping center Plaza where my mother did most of her shopping. I was afraid that she was going to see me going into her coming out of the marijuana dispensary with my package. I pictured myself laughing at her when she asked if I’d been shopping for me, and simply telling her well of course I have. Mom didn’t like to be around anyone who used any type of drug. She shuns people if she thought she even had an inkling of an idea that they use marijuana or some kind of illegal drug. I guess I had to get it through her head that marijuana was now legalized for medical use. Once she understood that I wasn’t using illegal drugs, but using marijuana for medical reasons, I was sure that she was going to come around. Maybe I shouldn’t say I was sure she would come around, but I was sure hoping she would come around. I didn’t want to hide the fact that I use medical marijuana for seizures from my mom. She knew how the medicine the doctor gave me had affected me. I would like to think she would be happy that I could use medical marijuana for relief from the seizures, and not need to go through what I went through with prescriptions.


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