Medical Cannabis Helps Me Live My Best Life

Fighting the fantastic fight against cancer would be so much more difficult if it wasn’t for medical marijuana.

I see improvement because of my cannabis gummies or use my cannabis flower product.

The benefits of medical marijuana are a great step to helping me fight cancer and get to good health once again. I suppose I’m not going to live forever. But I’m not quite ready to lie down and die just yet. I had plenty of experience with cannabis products back in the 60’s. Weed was all the rage back then and I actually partook in all the fun and enlightenment that came with hash and other cannabis products. But since then, using any sort of cannabis was not part of my life. Of course, all that changed with my cancer diagnosis. My son was really the first to suggest I get a medical marijuana card. Thankfully, I live in a state where there are marijuana regulations that allow for medical marijuana treatments. It undoubtedly help to suppose that I can just go shopping at the legal weed shop for the cannabis flower products that can help me get through chemo. The cannabis products help me manage the nausea from chemo and pain. But more than anything, it’s the perspective and hopefulness that I get from medical cannabis products that helps me the most. I’m undoubtedly hoping to make it to remission and I plan to live a lot longer. Thanks to medical marijuana, I’m absolutely going to live my best life.


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Medical Marijuana Part of a Welcome Treatment Plan

My sweet kids often ask me why I don’t do all the stuff other moms do.

She’s just 5 but my kids can tell that I’m a bit bizarre with regard to mobility than the other adults they know.

I’m absolutely candid with my kids about her mom having MS. Of course, they don’t completely understand the condition, but they know that people all have different abilities and sometimes there are conditions that make movement harder. Thankfully, my husband, my kids, my great medical professionals, my MS support group and medical cannabis all help me. The combination of all these variations of support undoubtedly makes managing life with MS more doable. The MS support group is where I found out about the benefits of medical marijuana on my condition. Prior to that, I wouldn’t have thought to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. Fortunately, my fiance found and recommended my MS group early on after my diagnosis. I learned a lot in that group, especially that MS can just be a designation and it doesn’t have to define who I am as a person. There are treatments out there that can help those with MS deal with life’s obstacles. I suppose that cannabis flower products are a sizable component of my treatment. The medical cannabis allows me much greater flexibility so I can exercise appropriately. And I can also count on medical cannabis to relieve or stop much of the muscle spasms that are part of my life. It’s been almost 2 years since my MS diagnosis and I’m living life. I’m glad I have access to medical cannabis products as they make such a beneficial difference in my treatment plan.


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As I Go Through Life Medical Marijuana Helps

After my first trip to the cannabis dispensary, I felt things were going to be improved.

There is no doubt that I am now feeling wonderful. It’s not a miracle so much as the result of working hard, going to therapy and discovering medical marijuana. For as long as I can remember, I have had feelings of crushing anxiety. The type where dread and fear almost became my normal. Somehow, I made it all the way to university without any treatment. But once I was away from home, I found I couldn’t hardly come out of my dorm room just to get to class. This resulted in my first visit to doctors who gave me antidepressants. Those meds were somewhat helpful, however the effects were more limited than several others experience. And for years, I still felt a deep anxiety however it was sort of blunted a bit. Still, no way to live. With medical marijuana and good counseling with a therapist, I have seen a remarkable change in my life. The prescription meds were ineffective. This is when I sought out how to get a medical marijuana card. There had been a lot of cannabis information that seemed positive about the benefits of medical marijuana for anxiety and depression. I’m so thrilled I took the chance and didn’t just curl up and say forget it. After my first trip to the cannabis dispensary, I felt things were going to be improved. It has now been just over 8 weeks and it’s hard to describe how much better I can cope with life. I’m learning how to manage my anxiety and what some of the root causes are for my negative emotions. And cannabis flower products help me maintain a positive, hopeful outlook for the future and me as I go through life.


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Looking Forward to a Healthy Future

My anorexia goes back to junior high.

This was a time for me when I felt great shame about being too fat.

But nobody told me that how I looked was normal and my body would continue to change throughout my life. All I felt was my similarity to a whale. Medical cannabis and the benefits of medical marijuana are helping me undo nearly 2 decades of bad feelings and bad treatment of myself. I think my body just finally had enough because it just basically broke down on me. But could you blame a body for splitting down when I had only eaten very little ition in almost 20 years? It took my body shutting down for me to take my eating disorder seriously enough to go seek out treatment. I’m now in therapy and space of my treatment regimen includes medical cannabis products. For me, the benefits of medical marijuana are pretty successful. First, I’m learning how to eat based on a healthy appetite. Medical cannabis products enhance my desire for food and in turn, I learn what my body want as far as nutrients. It’s helpful to learn to be hungry, which sounds odd. Yet, medical cannabis is also instrumental in helping me discover how amazing my body is, no matter what size it is. With the help of cannabis flower products and cannabis foodstuffs, I’m getting more and more comfortable with my body. This is because what I look care about is less important than what I feel like. I’m really looking forward to a healthy future and I owe a lot of that to medical marijuana.


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Alzhemimer’s and dementia help with cannabis

My grandmother makes sure he smokes in the morning and during the daytime once

Do you have a grandparent or even a parent that suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Medical marijuana can really help things out. THC is a chemical found in marijuana. What THC can do is slow the production of beta-amyloid proteins. This is the key contributor to the progression of Alzheimer’s. THC can not only reduce those beta levels, but it can stop the inflammatory response from the nerve cells. The nerve cells survive then and you retain your memory longer. Pretty cool and wonderful right? After reading about cannabis and dementia, I decided to be proactive and help my grandfather. I took him to a doctor that prescribed medical cannabis. I then filled out the forms online, paid the fee and got him a medical cannabis card. Then I dragged my grandfather to the medical marijuana dispensary near me. He wasn’t too pleased to rely on weed. Thankfully the budtenders know their stuff and the cannabis shops have so many different products. My grandfather is a cigar smoker. So the budtender got him some cannabis flower and a pipe that looks and feels just like you are holding a cigar. The budtender managed to make my 80 year old grandfather feel comfortable with smoking weed. My grandmother makes sure he smokes in the morning and during the daytime once. I have noticed a difference and my grandfather seems to really like cannabis. My grandmother has even talked about getting a CBD infused cooking oil and making them some meals. It is weird seeing older people so excited about weed.

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Glaucoma and weed aren’t there yet

Glaucoma is a very debated topic when it comes to medical weed. My grandmother suffers from it and read one article online about medical cannabis and is saying she has to have it. I have done some further research and I say no to medical weed and glaucoma relief. So there are many clinical studies that have found that cannabinoids can reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). Apparently marijuana can work just as well as most conventional glaucoma medications to reduce eye pressure. You can take an edible, smoke cannabis oil or flower and even though it is not directly on the eye, it can do the trick. So that is what my grandmother has read and she wants medical weed because of it. I have researched further and read that cannabis can decrease eye pressure, but it also reduces your blood pressure which on an older person is dangerous. When not taken correctly you can even go blind in your efforts. The general consensus across the board with medical professionals is to stay away from medical cannabis when it comes to glaucoma. There are some good things that come with it, but not enough. The cons vastly outweigh the pros. My grandmother isn’t too happy about what I have found online. I know she wants to try it. I am half tempted to bake a batch of brownies and just say there is weed in them. Would she really be able to tell the difference? She has never smoked or tried cannabis before. I think I could do the placebo effect easily.

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Medical weed doesn’t cure cancer

I work in a medical marijuana dispensary and it can be rewarding.

I see mostly people come into the dispensary for chronic pain help. I know exactly what kind of flower or oil they need. I know what type of person prefers to vape or take an edible. The second reason people come in is for MS. Then I start getting patients with depression, anxiety and sleep issues. It doesn’t mean I don’t treat other medical issues. Parkinson’s, dementia, seizures and cancer treatment all can benefit from medical cannabis. People suffering from cancer can be really difficult though. There must be some confusion among the masses when it comes to medical weed. I get a lot of people that think cannabis can fix their cancer. Somebody gets diagnosed with cancer and refuses chemotherapy. They then come to a cannabis dispensary and just start smoking weed. That is not the magic cure. In fact, cannabis doesn’t do anything about cancer. It is the effects that chemotherapy has on the body that medical weed can help. A cancer sufferer needs to undergo chemo. When they have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss due to the treatment, that is when medical cannabis comes into play. Marijuana can help all of those symptoms, but you will still have cancer. Weed hasn’t yet become the magic fix for every illness. It is awful when there are people trying to find a strain that is the perfect fix or they already tried and made their cancer worse. Those are very discouraging days at work.

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Mother uses medical cannabis for MS

She loves that she can just smoke a bit of cannabis the moment she starts to feel pain

The first group of marijuana users are chronic pain sufferers. It is the main reason people rely on medical marijuana. The second group of medical cannabis patients is multiple sclerosis or known as MS. There is quite a bit of science now behind medical weed reducing the amount of muscle spasms MS patients encounter. My mother has MS and can attest to the fact that medical marijuana really does make a difference. Did you know the pain with an MS flare up can last anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of months? That is crazy to be in pain that long. Pills never helped my mother much. She started getting into taking herbs and other things in nature. Anytime she felt the early signs of a flare up, she would take her herbs. My mom would notice heavy muscles, tingling along the tongue, back of the neck or just being really worn out. Then my mother would quickly take her herbs and could reduce the amount and severity of the pain. My mother was always looking for better ways though. When the two of us found medical weed could really help, she immediately got a cannabis card. The budtenders at the cannabis shop near me are amazing. They know all the latest research and recommended the right strain to my mother. She loves that she can just smoke a bit of cannabis the moment she starts to feel pain. It is way easier than finding the jars of herbs, making a tea and drinking it all. Instead she can quickly take a few hits of a vape she has around her neck.

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The cannabis dispensary has the best gifts

My girlfriend Max and I were separated for just over one year, thanks to the pandemic, travel restriction, and the great distance between us.

She lives on the other side of the country, so we usually only see each other once every month or two.

Once COVID hit, we knew it would be a very long time, but we were committed to one another and decided to ride it out. We did Zoom dates, online game nights, and constantly mailed each other care packages. I had to get creative for her, and be artsy and craftsy, but she lived upstairs from a cannabis dispensary, so that’s basically all she ever mailed me. I am by no means complaining, without those cannabis products coming in weekly I would have been dry months before. The first time I got one of the packages I was worried about getting busted for mailing cannabis across state lines, which used to be a big thing. Since she works at a cannabis dispensary she has the right paperwork to legally mail her products anywhere in the continental US. By comparison, the care packages I send her suck, because nothing really compares to a week’s worth of pot brownies, right? Long story short, now I live with her, we are united and happy and both live upstairs from that cannabis dispensary. The care packages are a thing of the past, but those wicked strong pot brownies are still in heavy rotation. I don’t smoke much pot any more, but edibles have become a daily thing for me.

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I would rather get marijuana frequently so it’s always fresh

You buy bulk, and you actually save money; that is the conventional wisdom, anyway. This is why so multiple people go to venues akin to Walmart and Costco, so they can save a little money by buying in immense quantities, then it is cheaper to buy a 2 liter of root beer than a can of it, it is cheaper to buy a bag of a hundred lollipops than to buy a bag of 20. This is accurate for most things, however not everything… However, you wouldn’t want to bulk buy bananas, for example, because they will rot before you eat them all. The same is consistent for cannabis, although slightly less so. Back in the day I would always bulk buy, because I never knew when I would be able to find cannabis again. These afternoons everything is different, because our cannabis dispensary is open multiple days a week, so I always have a fresh and ready supply at our fingertips no matter when I want it. But most young people don’t understand the importance of freshness, so they will vacuum-seal their marijuana and stuff it into the freezer for afternoons at a time, pulling out chunks as they need it. I would no more smoke that kind of freeze-fried cannabis then I would drink cheap freeze-dried root beer grounds! If you can’t get fresh peaches, you can easily buy canned peaches, and if you can’t get fresh cannabis you smoke whatever you can find. Thankfully those afternoons are finally behind me, as I have a world of amazing cannabis strains and blends available to choose from. If you haven’t maintained your local cannabis dispensary, you should!

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