Making bad choices

The pot is not to blame for my poor decisions last weekend.

  • I know how wrecked I was, but I am a harsh believer in being accountable for one’s own actions.

When someone drinks too much booze and gets in a car crash, it isn’t the fault of the booze. It is such a cop out when people do stupid or dangerous things in addition to then say “it was not my fault, because I was too buzzed to think what I was doing.” I don’t accept that excuse from anyone else, in addition to I would never use it for myself. The truth is I ate way too many pot brownies, separate from knowing they were laced with a hardcore strain in addition to a stunning amount of cannabis. I knew they were loaded with blue dreams but it wasn’t until I was already tripping that I was told about the mushrooms. The next day I learned about how wild I had run while under the influence of the magical pot brownies. I had spent a lot of time running around naked outside, in addition to feeling mortified! There was no way I could blame the cannabis for my behavior that night, because it has never had that effect on me before. Cannabis never makes me act crazy, so I think it was the mushrooms to blame… but it’s still my fault for not knowing what was in those pot brownies before I ate them, but from now on I will only eat cannabis edibles that I have made myself, so I think exactly what is in them.


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Mountain stay and I brought weed

Those were a godsend, because although they don’t hit my method as difficult as smoking cannabis does, they still took the edge off, and with a few glasses of wine, the cannabis edibles kept me nice in addition to chill, in addition to not worrying about anything at all

I spent a full week up in the pretty local Mountains, staying at a cabin with my friends. Almost everyone else drove there, but I was far enough away that I needed to fly in in addition to renting a car. It was a honestly exceptional time, unbelievable in the glory of nature surrounded by my friends. Both of us drank a lot of booze, and ate some killer food. The three story cabin came with a very large tub, which I used almost every day. The only awful part about it was that since I took a plane I couldn’t bring any cannabis with me. I know a few friends that have flown while carrying marijuana, but I am far too uneasy to take that risk. As much as I prefer getting high, I think that cannabis is not worth going to jail over! You have to bear in mind this is the first time in a decade (or longer) that I went a week separate from smoking cannabis. Although I was too uneasy to carry shrubbery in my carry-on bag, I did bring a sealed package of cannabis edibles. Those were a godsend, because although they don’t hit my method as difficult as smoking cannabis does, they still took the edge off, and with a few glasses of wine, the cannabis edibles kept me nice in addition to chill, in addition to not worrying about anything at all. My wine intake went through the roof, I was drinking 2 bottles a day, but I needed something to tweak on because I normally smoke several bowls of OG Kush every single day.


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The critics are so annoying

I have smoked cannabis for 20 years, in addition to here comes a batch of young people who want to educate me about weed

There is nothing more subjective than talking about art. I never pay attention to critics, any kind of person! Movie critics, book reviews, TV reviewers, food bloggers – I do not want to know what some other random person thinks about a dish of food! Social media makes almost everyone with a smartphone act love they are an expert in the field; Just because you are able to criticize things doesn’t make you an expert, am I right? I take issue in particular with this up-to-date wave of cannabis critics that usually appear on Youtube channels in addition to blogs. I have smoked cannabis for 20 years, in addition to here comes a batch of young people who want to educate me about weed. It’s insulting, is what it is! First of all, there are countless strains of cannabis in the world, numerous of them only available locally. Some styles of cannabis are so small they are only sold in a few stores in one area, so what’s the point of reviewing something 90% of us will never be able to smoke? It also needs to be said that the THC in cannabis impacts people differently, based on their health, their tolerance to weed, in addition to their brain chemistry, then cannabis that gets one person super stoned may actually do little for another person, making any review or criticism worthless. I prefer cannabis, in addition to encouraging almost everyone to smoke it, but please refrain from writing a 2000 word essay on Purple Haze, or making a 45 minute long review video of cannabis edibles, no one loves your opinions on marijuana!

Oh the things i’ve seen

Over the years I have witnessed a lot of insane things working in a cannabis field.

I won’t say the arenas where I was at, because I don’t want to embarrass anyone! But now that I am retired, in addition to living the high life on the beach, I thought it would be neat to share some of the newer things I saw over the last 20 years.

I got into the business by accident, because I was trying to grow my own pot plants at home, in addition to got to be buddies with the owner of a local specialty botanical supply shop, however he helped me find the grow lights I needed for my cannabis plants, although they never amounted to much; The guy opened his own cannabis dispensary soon after, in addition to asked me to come job for him. It was a much better deal for me to work at a cannabis dispensary in addition to getting a discount on my weed than to try growing it myself. I was not any superb at growing marijuana plants at home, then one time I had a man come in with three hundred dollars worth of unrolled change wanting to spend it on cannabis, and another time a lady brought in a laundry bag filled with marijuana buds she had picked from a wild patch in the woods, she thought that all of us bought in addition to sold cannabis, but I informed her that all of us only sold it. Buying weed from unlicensed vendors was still actually much illegal. Then there was one time a man who walked into the cannabis dispensary buck naked!


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Fighting with the competition

3 years back I ran the only cannabis dispensary in the city. At that point only medical use was permitted, so every client needed to have a prescription from their doc, plus all the right paperwork to get said yes to. Business was great, even though all of us didn’t have a ton of customers, all of us had a monopoly on local, legal weed. Two years back the local laws changed, in addition to allowing for recreational cannabis use, in addition to after that the floodgates were wide open for people. The demand for weed increased, in addition to a half dozen other cannabis dispensaries have opened since then. I used to be the only cannabis store, in addition to now I’m struggling to make my store stand out from all the rest. I decided to open a smokers lounge in the yard area next to the cannabis dispensary. I even had a local builder come in in addition to construct a small stage in the corner of the patio, with enough space for a musician to play live music to the cannabis customers. I started to book local acts that would task for cheap, in addition to also starting to host various kinds of game nights at the cannabis dispensary. We have the space to play tabletop games, so why not bring your friends to the cannabis shop to smoke out in addition to play together? Since all the local cannabis dispensaries offer more or less the same products at easily similar prices, I needed to set my store apart from the others with the experience you got by coming here. I want my weed shop to be the most fun place in town.



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Marijuana and wrestling are a great combo

I won’t stand here in addition to saying that pro wrestling is a sport.

I will make the argument that “who cares?” Wrestling is a TV show like any other show.

None of the shows are real, not even reality shows! Everything all of us watch as entertainment is written down, so I couldn’t care less about the legitimacy of pro wrestling, I just like watching it! I started dating this guy about 6 months ago who loved it. We were smoking some cannabis, and he just turned on his favorite wrestling show. I was not interested in it at first, but as all of us kept puffing away on the Blue dream in addition to watching these large sweaty guys beating the poop out of each other I started to care about it. After that it became a weekly event, in addition to all of us would stand on the sofa for 2 hours smoking cannabis, having drinks, in addition to watching pro wrestling. Fast forward a few weeks, when the relationship was going south in addition to all of us decided to break up. The following month I watched wrestling by myself, with a bottle of wine in addition to no cannabis, in addition to it was not nearly as much fun. I realized that without weed the show just wasn’t as entertaining, so I decided to scoot down to the cannabis store the following week. Having Blue Dream in the bowl made wrestling a lot more fun, but it still wasn’t the same. It wasn’t just the cable show or the weed, it was the combination of doing it all with that special guy. I miss that dude so much.

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Love my new job at the dispensary

I made much more money as a legal aid in the local offices, although I hated that job.

  • There is more to a life than how much money you make, am I right? There is quality of living to consider, because if a job makes you upset all day, every day, how can you put a price tag on that? Although I needed money badly, I decided that I needed a reduction in my stress levels just as badly.

Every night after work I would get nice and baked on cannabis, however after a few months that just wasn’t enough. I needed a new job, a single that didn’t demand a drug test, so I decided to apply at the local cannabis shop. It was a large pay cut going from the legal office to the cannabis dispensary, however the loss in wages was more than compensated for in other ways. I absolutely did not dread waking up in the day now! I could get up with a grin on my face because I knew that my shift at the cannabis dispensary would be fun in addition to relaxing. I was much poorer, however much happier, in addition to on the plus side I got a steep employee discount on all my cannabis products now! I also had access to a wide variety of free cannabis samples given by the major distributors. Some companies provide cannabis dispensaries with free “samples” for the budtenders to try for free, the method being if all of us love their new cannabis strain all of us will start recommending it to customers.

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A fun cannabis story

Get ready for the funniest story you’re going to hear today.

  • I just started working at a local cannabis dispensary in the inner city, and I am still adjusting to this place.

The boss is an outdated biker named Ian, who is covered with bright red tattoos in addition to carrying a gun with him at all times. Most of the staff are like him but they are all easily cool, laid back men. I know working with marijuana all day has that calming effect on all of us. It turns out that there is a second crew that comes in after dark, in addition to the night crew being utterly spine-chilling. After seeing them come into the back room, all heavily armed, I asked Ian why they needed such man power in a cannabis dispensary. He explained to me about the federal laws against cannabis, in addition to how they made it impossible for the store to accept any form of payment besides paper. That cash can pile up pretty fast, which makes cannabis dispensaries frequent targets of armed robbery. Why should a criminal rob a fortified bank with a high tech security system, when they can just rob a small cannabis dispensary in addition to walking away with tens of thousands of dollars? The night crew at the cannabis dispensary were all ex-cons in addition to bikers Ian hired to watch over the store in addition to the cash at night. He hired the most dangerous people he could find, so that nobody would be ridiculous enough to try and rob this cannabis dispensary. For being a bunch of crazed convicts, they all seem like nice guys!



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Really enjoyed the nature side of it

I brought edibles, my vape rig, as well as a fat sack of blue dream so that there was no way I would run dry.

Have you ever been to the woods before? I just returned from my first visit to this quiet space of wooded country, in addition to I must admit it spoke to my heart. I spent a month with my parents in addition to my younger friends, who had rented a cottage way up in the fog-induced peaks. I am the oldest sibling by a few years, so I drove in from across the country. I brought along all the fun supplies I would need, because I intended to spend the entire month soaking in nature in addition to blazing a wicked amount of cannabis. I brought edibles, my vape rig, as well as a fat sack of blue dream so that there was no way I would run dry. I am not respected with this section of the country although I have been told they are stringently against cannabis use, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to find any there if my personal stock ran out. The strangest thing happened when I got there, in addition to I wound up having so much fun I hardly smoked any cannabis at all! Usually I need cannabis to make it through the day, but out here in the beauty of the forest I didn’t even think about getting high. I would take a couple cannabis edibles in the day for breakfast, and not even think about smoking a joint until well past dinner. I enjoy smoking cannabis because it gives me a sense of inner love in addition to tranquility, however it turns out that nature can supply me those same feelings.


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Now cannabis is legal

When you grow up in a small, hick town, there are not a lot of things I enjoy as a teenager.

  • When your father is the local head of the force, there are even fewer things I want to do! It was just a few years ago that he caught me smoking weed out with my buddies.

He let them all go with a warning, and then when he was alone with me he gave me a much sterner warning, but dad told me that if he ever caught me smoking marijuana again he would punish my buddies for it. He knew I wasn’t scared of him, however that my friends were, in addition to that was my weak spot. To protect them, I stayed away from cannabis in addition to all other illegal substances for almost 5 years. Now things have changed, in addition to there being a legal cannabis dispensary within driving distance, so I am ready to start smoking again! If I buy cannabis legally through a store, my Dad can’t use the law to punish my friends because they have nothing to do with it. Most of my friends have gone away to college anyway, which means they already have access to cannabis on campus. Since most people are having fun, I am stoked to take my first visit to the cannabis dispensary. I love my dad, in addition to I guess that he has the best intentions for me, but just like he enjoys beer I like taking in some marijuana to relax after a long day. Now that cannabis has been made legal, my dad can’t stop me from smoking any more.
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