Everything frightened me until I tried medical marijuana.

I was hesitant when I thought about the paperwork I had to do to get the medical marijuana card, but he was with me every step of the way

I went into panic attacks so quickly that I didn’t even feel them coming on. I was to where I was afraid to do anything or go anywhere, because I didn’t know when a panic attack was going to happen. If you’ve never had a panic attack, let me tell you a bit about it. Suddenly your heart pounds. Your head is pounding to match the heartbeat and you can feel everything inside tighten. Your body heats and you feel you may implode. There is this feeling of impending doom and you can’t shake it. Luckily, the panic attack only lasts for several minutes, but they are horrible. I lost my job because they found me cowering in a corner, trying to get away from everyone, when I had one particularly severe panic attack. I went to my therapist and told him I was through with this. I was ready to give up and die. He had tried all different medications. He said he wanted to try one more treatment. It was less orthodox than traditional medicine, but he thought it may work. He gave me a prescription for medical marijuana. I was hesitant when I thought about the paperwork I had to do to get the medical marijuana card, but he was with me every step of the way. After two weeks, I stood in the medical marijuana dispensary picking out my first marijuana products. I didn’t think I was going to see any change until a little over two weeks after using medical marijuana. I woke up one morning and realized I had a panic attack in nearly two weeks.
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My anxiety was so bad I was becoming agoraphobic.

I don’t know if many people know what agoraphobia is.

Agoraphobia is a fear of leaving your home.

Even the thought of going outside the house can cause such extreme anxiety that I can barely breathe. I already had extreme anxiety. I couldn’t motivate myself to do my work, or even go shopping on my own. I talked to my doctor because my anxiety was getting so bad I was becoming agoraphobic. I didn’t even want to answer the door. I was doing all of my shopping online and having the items delivered to my house. I had explicit instructions to go with every order. The delivery driver was to ring the doorbell twice, then leave the items on the doorstep outside the house. When I saw them pull away, I would go to the door and pick up my order. There were only three people who came to visit. My doctor, who was also my best friend, my sister, and my dad. Mom thought I was crazy. They all met at my house to talk to me. Charlie, my best friend and doctor, told me he thought he had something that could help me. He said they had recently legalized medical marijuana. He had read quite a few articles about medical marijuana and he thought it could be a help for me. He gave me a prescription for medical marijuana and helped me to get my marijuana card. My sister picked up my first prescription at the medical marijuana dispensary. My dad was there to hold my hand and champion. I couldn’t believe the difference marijuana made, and I was outside my house within two months, with the help of my support group.

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I am happy they legalized medical marijuana.

I never thought I would say it, but I was happy the day they legalized medical marijuana.

I was always the one who made a fuss about marijuana in any capacity.

I thought it was a gateway drug to end up in the streets. I was sure that anyone who used marijuana would end up addicted to heroin, meth, or some other type of drug that would ultimately destroy their life. When I heard my sister was using marijuana, I all but disowned her. She never told me she was using medical marijuana; but I’m not sure it would have made a difference. She told me she was using medical marijuana for her pain. I knew she was in a lot of pain. She had throat cancer and heart disease. The marijuana would not cure the disease, but it could help her to be more comfortable. When they officially legalized medical marijuana, I was thrilled for my sister. She had already begun using marijuana, but she could now go to a medical marijuana dispensary and get her supplies. They did not tie her to just smoking. She could purchase gummies, drinks, and several types of edibles. She could even get vape pens that would help her to discreetly use her medical marijuana. I really was happy they legalized medical marijuana, but I’m hoping recreational marijuana isn’t legalized. I think that legalized medical marijuana is a good thing. To legalize recreational marijuana would open a whole new can of worms, and I don’t think many people are ready for that..

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I ordered my cancer treatments from the medical marijuana dispensary.

When I found out I had cancer, it devastated me.

I couldn’t remember a time when I was more scared than I was then.

The doctor told me that my prognosis was good, but I had to have surgery, chemo and radiation. He told me what to expect with each one, and one thing he reiterated several times was that I would have nausea. I remember how nauseous I was during my pregnancies. I couldn’t believe nausea could get any worse, but I was wrong in my belief. When I started the chemo, I was nauseous all the time, My muscles and joints ached from throwing up, and I was losing weight quickly. My doctor told me I needed more nutrition, but I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach. He told me he was going to give me a prescription for medical marijuana. He told me a lot of his patients were using medical marijuana to ease the effects of the chemo, and nearly every one of them thought it was a miracle drug. Two weeks later, I had my medical marijuana card, and I was heading to the marijuana dispensary. The budtender helped me to choose products that would help me the most. She said that many of their customers were cancer patients and she knew what worked best. She gave me samples of different gummies so I could find something I could tolerate, and that helped the most. She also gave me a vape pen and a cartridge. I could discreetly fit it into my pocket and I used it whenever I felt the nausea building.
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My Husband Shot Me

Things happen in life which can destroy your sense of wellbeing.

  • One day your fantastic and the next day your life is turned upside down.

This was for sure the case for me because I encountered a near death experience. I nearly died at the hands of another. With the help of medical marijuana, I’m now working to come to grips with life again. Honestly, it was such a case of bad judgement. But regardless, I was shot, as did two other people, by a person who used to be my husband. The PTSD I’m now dealing with is a greater injury than my wound. Fortunately for me, my ex-husband was a bad shot and there wasn’t an exhausting amount of injury in vital places. But it’s the trauma of the event that destroys my peace. Again, I’m fortunate to have found support. Part of what helps me recover is medical cannabis and therapy to get over this ordeal. The cannabis flower products I use help me sleep and help me reduce my fear and worry. My anxiety is far less intense thanks to the medicine I get at the legal weed shop. And using medical cannabis in conjunction with medical therapy gives me the freedom to talk about the betrayal I suffered at the hands of someone I loved. And doing this undoubtedly helps me to realize what I’ve been through and what this event means to me now. There will be a positive outcome on the other side of all of this. It will take time, effort and healing hands. It will also take continued efforts in therapy, traditional medications, and medical cannabis products.
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Medical Marijuana Completely Turns My Life Around

My dad never had complete trust in doctors. He used to say they are just people. I feel the same way as I battle chronic inflammation. What I thought was initially a pulled muscle has developed into an inflammatory condition that has taken over my life. I went from being a healthy active person to being unable to walk to the mailbox. Medical marijuana is helping me eek out a life that I can live with. The medical doctors were as baffled as I was as the inflammation spread across my body and the pain only worsened every day. I could hardly do anything. The only joy I got from life was sitting in my recliner. Even sleeping wasn’t happening without heavy pain killers involved. The whole situation finally just seemed care about a single sizable horrible cycle so I started trying to learn about more than man-made drugs, and I found some cannabis information. From there, with the help of my brother, I jumped through the hoops that are called marijuana regulations in order to get to the cannabis dispensary. But it was well worth the time. For me, the medical marijuana benefits were incredible. I had more range of motion and less pain than I can ever remember. That motivated me to eat better and go to the gym. Plus, I was now sleeping through the night without pain killers. In fact, the pain relief with medical marijuana is so incredible and amazing that I’m rarely ever needing a heavy pain killer. Life looks like it might be worth living again for me. And I won’t be taking that life for granted once I get it back. With medical cannabis treatments, I may not be cured however I get to be active and doing things again.

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Cannabis is the way

When a friend or family member is suffering, you’ll so just about anything you can in order to ease or stop that suffering.

But occasionally, stopping pain and suffering is impossible, so you have to decrease the struggle.

This is where I find myself as it relates to my grandfather and dementia. He has found some help with medical cannabis. This was a bit unexpected, but everyone is happy that the medical cannabis option exists and helps at least somewhat. Actually, it was my dad who sent me the cannabis information regarding my grandfather’s condition. My dad was thinking I could help by going to a cannabis event to learn more about it. That’s what both of us did and it was a smart thing to do. We acquired a lot about medical marijuana benefits during that cannabis education event. We also l acquired that there are a lot of people who are available to help. Some of those people even worked at the cannabis dispensary where the cannabis education session was held. My sibling and I ended up talking with them after the cannabis lecture. It was a great thing too as they undoubtedly were able to write down the process for getting a medical marijuana card for grandpa. Now, our grandfather is using cannabis gummies every day. It undoubtedly helps him deal with the dementia and cuts down on his fear and loneliness. He’s much more at ease with the cannabis gummies and he tolerates the medical marijuana better than we thought he would. Like I said, you’ll do just about anything in order to help reduce the suffering of a friend or family member. And with medical cannabis, I’m seeing my grandfather’s dementia symptoms lessened.


Cannabis is the way

Migraines are no joke

There was a time in my life where I thought migraine headaches were not real.

  • That’s just how mean-spirited I was during that point of my life.

It’s also clear evidence that I took my health and well-being completely for granted. The way I was thinking about life was that, unless you were in the hospital, you needed to just get on with it. What a putz I was. Life has a way of teaching you a lesson. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to help me manage the karma I’m living through with migraine headaches. I was stunned by how miserable I was when I initially started having to deal with my terrible migraines. It was lights out, quiet and motionless for a whole night. I started with medication however wasn’t having benefits I was hoping to so I looked up some cannabis information. I asked a doctor all about the medical marijuana benefits. He told me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card and get myself to a cannabis dispensary to see if medical marijuana could help me. I needn’t have uneasy as the staff and the owners of the legal weed shop were more than ready to help me build a plan. They guided me toward both cannabis flower products and other cannabis products. I settled on both the cannabis flower products and the cannabis edibles and even bought some cannabis lotion. Since that first visit, I have seen quite a bit of improvement in managing my migraine condition. I wish I could just go back to the younger me and explain about suffering. Thankfully, I have medical cannabis to aid me and improve my life.


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Medical marijuana helps my neck pain

The human body is such a delicate thing but that hasn’t stopped me from going about my life as though I were indestructible. I’ve had a few injuries along the way however swift reusey from those just encouraged this feeling of being bulletproof. I’m here to admit, I am a fallible person who is not invincible and with the benefits of medical marijuana, I hope to put my body back together again. Being a bit of an adrenaline junkie finally hit me smack on. And I should have known not to do some of the things I do. I’m almost fifty and have been doing extreme hiking throughout my adulthood. Still, I took such an unnecessary risk and it resulted in a terrible fall. Now, I’m trying to put the pieces back together with the help of medical cannabis products. The vast majority of my injuries have healed. But it’s my neck that is still far from better. It’s been over a year now since my fall. I was counting hard on pain pills when I chose to utilize a more natural plan of pain relief with medical marijuana. And I’m absolutely thrilled I made this decision. At first, I didn’t want to deal with the marijuana regulations simply to access a cannabis dispensary. But I got plunged right in to the cannabis rules so I can obtain the benefits of medical marijuana for my neck. The cannabis products I use undoubtedly help me get the most out of my neck exercises. And the medical cannabis reduces the spasms that can occur in my neck and shoulders. That’s also a sizable relief. Mostly, it’s fantastic to deal with all of this by incorporating medical marijuana into my treatment plan.

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Medical Cannabis Helps Me Live My Best Life

Fighting the fantastic fight against cancer would be so much more difficult if it wasn’t for medical marijuana.

I see improvement because of my cannabis gummies or use my cannabis flower product.

The benefits of medical marijuana are a great step to helping me fight cancer and get to good health once again. I suppose I’m not going to live forever. But I’m not quite ready to lie down and die just yet. I had plenty of experience with cannabis products back in the 60’s. Weed was all the rage back then and I actually partook in all the fun and enlightenment that came with hash and other cannabis products. But since then, using any sort of cannabis was not part of my life. Of course, all that changed with my cancer diagnosis. My son was really the first to suggest I get a medical marijuana card. Thankfully, I live in a state where there are marijuana regulations that allow for medical marijuana treatments. It undoubtedly help to suppose that I can just go shopping at the legal weed shop for the cannabis flower products that can help me get through chemo. The cannabis products help me manage the nausea from chemo and pain. But more than anything, it’s the perspective and hopefulness that I get from medical cannabis products that helps me the most. I’m undoubtedly hoping to make it to remission and I plan to live a lot longer. Thanks to medical marijuana, I’m absolutely going to live my best life.


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