Investment in the marijuana business is exciting

I’ve never been one who is all into finance and investing.

For sure, I’ve saved my money but when I have invested, it’s been in for sure things like bonds and that sort of guaranteed return.

Yet, with retirement age approaching a bit more quickly than perhaps I expected, it’s time to be a bit more aggressive with my investing. But the fact that I’m investing in the marijuana business is super exciting as well. It’s a great time to put money into a wide variety of cannabis opportunities. From cannabis growers to lighting to irrigation systems, the marijuana business offers plenty of opportunity to invest and diversify. At first, it was a bit scary to consider investing in such a long term way when it came to marijuana. But just looking at the landscape helped me know that this was a good time to take the chance. After the last election cycle, more states have some form of legal cannabis than don’t. That’s right there are more states where medical marijuana, recreational marijuana or both are totally legal. I know it’s made a big difference in my state. And there are so many people out there who are able to manage health situations thanks to the access to cannabis dispensaries. That’s something else that I really like about investing in the marijuana business. This is a positive thing that helps people. And I really like the thought of investing my money in something that I believe in. So I put a big chunk of money into the marijuana business and I’m just going to see what happens. I’m getting good guidance from a finance professional and all signs appear good to long term investment in the marijuana business.

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What a reunion after a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Getting together with the old gang from highschool has been rather interesting through the years.

We all sort of did our best to stay in touch when we went off to college. There is like a dozen of us in that group from highschool. We were sort of nerds and relied on each other as our social network. While all the cool kids were off smoking recreational marijuana, we were the ones hanging out, eating pizza and watching a movie on TV. Being pretty square wasn’t all that easy. Yet, it also had a lot of benefits that I would really understand until I left for college and beyond. It was good that we had a group whose focus was doing well in school so we could all get in top notch schools. Plus, we were all from similar backgrounds and would need all the help we could get when it came to paying for college. And it was kind of good that we waited until college before experimenting with cannabis and alcohol. By that point, we were wall pretty serious about our future so we didn’t get out of hand when it came to partying. But as we went through the years, jobs and families took precedence and we didn’t get together as much. So when we finally did this summer, it was great and we all made a trip to the local cannabis spot as well. There was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary back then so it was such fun to shop for marijuana for sale as a group in our home town.


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Done with hangovers now that I’m visiting the cannabis dispensary

I don’t know but using sativa or hybrid strains doesn’t make me want more and more

It’s so nice to finally wake up on Saturday and Sunday and not feel like garbage. For me, that’s pretty much the way it’s been for close to 15 years. From the time I went to college until recently, I overindulged when it came to alcohol. That has changed thanks to recreational marijuana being legal in this state. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that I was drinking too much. Once I hit 30, the effects of partying were starting to get debilitating. Instead of getting up on my day off for a bike ride, I nursed a hangover until the evening only to party too much again. I had to stop and with the help of a counselor and sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot, I’ve done that. Initially, I was afraid that I might just replace using too much alcohol with using too much marijuana. I brought this up with my counselor and we explored the fact that alcohol dependency was a genetic issue for me. My dad is a barely functioning alcoholic and my mom drinks far too much in almost a defensive way. So the counselor felt that me using cannabis products was going to be much different. And it was right from the beginning. I don’t know but using sativa or hybrid strains doesn’t make me want more and more. It’s a few puffs, relax and get a good perspective instead of pounding drinks at the bar. It’s a far better lifestyle choice and I’m no longer nursing hangovers.



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Adding cannabis has helped me achieve my health and wellness goals

The indica strains are helping me a great deal when it comes to range of motion and stiffness

Trying to get fit and active in my fifties was far more of an undertaking than I was counting on. Sure, it had been like almost 30 years since I really worked out. But, I had this idea that my body would simply snap back once I began to make better decisions for my health. Well, until I added cannabis to the situation, it was not going so well. Prior to making trips to the cannabis dispensary for sativa and indica strains, I was trying to do this all alone. I mean, it was only diet and exercise, right? How hard could that be. It was brutally hard both physically and emotionally. I just didn’t see that coming. I went to the doctor just a few weeks into my lifestyle changes because I could tell I was about to bail. I’m glad that I did. She ran all the tests which weren’t as bad as I thought but still needed big time attention. The doctor also set me up with an exercise and diet person to help me make a plan that I could stick to. Again, this was a lifeline. Once I had a plan together, I had some structure and it wasn’t all about denying myself. In fact, since I had given up alcohol and all my yummy treats, the diet and exercise expert suggested I visit the local cannabis spot. I had smoked recreational marijuana in college but really hadn’t since. Now that recreational marijuana was legal, I could give that a try. Both the sativa and indica strains are so helpful. The indica strains are helping me a great deal when it comes to range of motion and stiffness. The sativa strains are essential in keeping me positive and having a good perspective.


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They have skincare products now

For a long time I struggled with acne.

  • I tried neutrogena, Rituals and proactive.

I stopped eating meat, fattening foods and candy. I even washed our sheets plus pillow cases every other day. Also with that, I was eliminating worries, getting facials and steaming our face a bunch. I still had horrible skin. I thought I was just doomed to look like I was going through puberty for the rest of my life. I did some research plus found quite a bit on skincare and cannabis products. So blatantly marijuana can reduce inflammation in the body. That means my red, angry acne spots become less irritated with cannabis in our system. Also, marijuana is known to reduce the amount of sebum in body products. Sebum is that oil that jams pores plus creates acne in the first stadium. I popped into our local cannabis dispensary expecting to buy flower plus a bong in order to have nice skin. I was pleasantly surprised that our cannabis dispensary certainly has a skincare line all roaring to go. I bought a cleanser, spot treatment plus a hydrating oil for our face. I have only been using the line for a few weeks but it has made such a difference. All our old spots have dried plus gone away. I can certainly see my chin and nose for the first time ever. I guess clean, clear plus more like an adult. It has certainly helped my confidence a lot since everything has cleared up. I purchase new products just about every month at our cannabis dispensary.

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No longer need a car

The smartest thing I ever did was get rid of our car.

Everyone constantly acts like I gave up all my money or something.

Having a car was a lot of effort plus money. It was a pain more often than not. I work totally from home so I don’t need to drive to the office. The local grocery store offers delivery for no charge if you spend a certain amount. If I just need a few things hastily, I can hop on our bike plus get it. I have become very apt with our bike. I go to the bank, post office, pharmacy plus cannabis dispensary all on our bike. Most services I can do delivery style anyway if I don’t feel like it. My cannabis dispensary offers delivery services that I use more often than not. I have everything already ready in their system. They guess our name, address, recent order plus credit card. I just hit buy now plus I get all our products that same day. The delivery fee is only 5 dollars plus that is worth every penny. I would be spending that amount in gas if I had to drive there every single time. Gas was a very large reason I stopped having a car. I also hated paying for automobile repairs plus waiting on them all the time. Car insurance was a pain plus I also was nervous about tickets and crashes. I am much safer on a bike plus I have a lot of extra money to spare now. I can always buy a car again, you know.

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Tough with where I live

I purchased a home in the city with certainly little property around it.

  • It wasn’t a problem since there was a vacant area next door.

Anytime I had people over that is where they parked. Periodically I would tan in the vacant area, work out or just hang out over there. I treated it like it was my property, recently a company came to town plus took it over. I am not blissful to lose our extra square footage. What it became is a CBD shop. At first I figured it would go out of supplier in a few weeks plus I would get our area back. I didn’t realize how famous plus in demand cannabis products are. That parking lot is full to the brim nearly everyday. The moment the CBD shop opens plus until it closes there are people. Bunches of cars are swinging in plus out of the lot everyday. I now need to be careful leaving our driveway or I could get into an accident. I also have tons of people trying to talk with me while I am in our certainly small yard. I have nothing against CBD plus cannabis products. In fact I went into the store and felt it was quite nice. I purchased myself some cannabis oil to vape in the evenings when I cannot sleep. I don’t love living next door to a cannabis shop though. It is way too busy plus chaotic for me. I guess that it isn’t going somewhere either. So it looks like I am going to be the 1 that needs to move.

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Not a fun trip

My brother lives down south and complains that everytime someone visits, they treat it as if they are on vacation.

They expect to squat in our brother’s home for a month for no charge. They also want to visit the beach, sit out by his pool and relax. It annoys our brother because they constantly act like they want to see him but in reality, it is a free trip. I live where recreational cannabis is legal. That is our thing. People only come to see me for legal weed. Everyone I went to school with or family members constantly act love they are coming to visit me. They want to guess how I am doing, see the house, hang out, etc. I guess they just want access to legal cannabis. The first thing people ask for is to see a recreational cannabis store. When you have legal cannabis right at your fingertips, the fun wears off. I have also done the cannabis dispensary tour so many times that I am bored with it. Honestly going to a dispensary is love heading into a pharmacy. I do have cannabis products at home, but it is not for fun. I don’t want to smoke a cannabis flower product plus get high. I don’t want to eat a typical pot brownie. I use a topical for muscles aches that I get from certainly working online. I also have CBD oil that helps me sleep at night. If I am feeling really wild I will buy a cannabis cooking oil to put in our dinner to make me exhausted. My friends plus family don’t get that cannabis isn’t that exciting to me at all.


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They are right there for me

I moved into a giant home complex that sits right on a major turn.

  • There was nothing but a lot of movement going on in the lot next to it.

The owner promised us renters that the section was up plus coming. Since there was nothing when I began renting, I got a certainly nice rate. As I have lived there a lot of dealers have arrived. We now have a pizza parlor, sub shop, bank, arcade plus a restaurant/bar business. Not too long ago I noticed a new building forming. I was excited for the next new thing. I was certainly excited for a fitness studio or a fresh market. I wanted something I would use nearly everyday. Instead it was a cannabis dispensary. Not a marijuana user, I was certainly upset. Thankfully I didn’t write it off right then and there. Friends of mine in the building convinced me to walk over plus try some cannabis. It was right there after all. I might as well use the perk while I can. Since our state offers legal recreational weed, I didn’t need to fill out any paperwork or spend money. I just needed a photo ID to show I was 21 years old. I care about the cannabis dispensary! They offer all sorts of topicals that are right up our alley. There are cannabis shampoos, conditioners plus hair products. They have a whole marijuana themed skin care line. I care about the smell plus how our body feels after using these products. It is like a high end grocery store!


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I looked it up first

There are tablets, mints, gums, drinks plus hard candies to buy

It is amazing how many weird products there are at the cannabis dispensary near me. When the legal weed shop opened up I couldn’t wait to get inside. I wanted to try legal weed for years. I was hoping to get our hands on some edibles plus see if it helped me sleep in the evening. I wasn’t prepared for what I found. The marijuana store had a dab bar, vape lounge plus all sorts of bizarre products. I was too embarrassed to ask a budtender what to buy. So instead I went to my condo and prepared for our next trip. A dab bar is a metal rig system that you heat up concentrates. This is a more intense, pure form of marijuana. The vape lounge is the only stadium in a dispensary where you can certainly use your products. You are allowed to smoke your cannabis flower product or vape cannabis there. Other than that, all the marijuana products you buy need to stay in the package plus be put away until you get home. I then researched the expansive list of edibles. I realized that pot brownies were only 1 form of an edible. Basically you can have cannabis in anything. There are all sorts of cannabis beverages with weird amounts of CBD plus THC. There are tablets, mints, gums, drinks plus hard candies to buy. Some marijuana dispensaries offer an on site bakery where they make fresh cannabis laced products. After learning up on each kind of edible, I was more than ready for our next trip into the dispensary.



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