Stumbled onto the cannabis cafe for a great day

Somebody ordered a pot brownie and we all shared it while sitting in the sun enjoying some quite delicious coffee

My girls and I like to do the shopping. We all work really hard so some retail therapy is always in order. What we didn’t expect was for a chance happening to end up with a shopping trip to the local cannabis spot. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. There is a group of about 5 and sometimes 6 of us who like to go shopping together. Like I said, we all have challenging careers and getting out for a day of shopping is sort of a life balancer in a weird way. It’s not really so much the buying stuff as it is the companionship that we share during these trips. Well, we were headed to a new accessories place that had opened on the other end of town. But we had to park in a garage and walk a few blocks. As we were coming back to the car, my friend suggested we get a coffee at the lovely cafe across the street. What I didn’t realize at the time was that this was a cannabis cafe. And we all had a big hoot when we realized it. Somebody ordered a pot brownie and we all shared it while sitting in the sun enjoying some quite delicious coffee. Well, one thing led to another and we were feeling no pain from the pot brownie when someone said we should go to the local cannabis spot for more shopping. Let me tell you, we are now adding the cannabis cafe to our shopping excursions as we had the most fun ever.



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Learning my way around marijuana with trips to the cannabis dispensary

Somehow, I made it to my mid forties without ever using cannabis.

  • I mean I didn’t take a toke or even a nibble from a pot brownie in all those years.

It’s not that I went out of my way to avoid marijuana and marijuana products. Not at all, it’s just how it worked out. Well, work had a lot to do with it. I started a business that ended up being really successful and that sucked up all my energy and time. If I wasn’t working to cement my business then I was with my family. There just wasn’t much room for anything else. So now, the business has been sold and I’m not going to have to work anymore. That and the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in this state got my curiosity up. My wife smoked her fair share of indica and sativa products when she was in college so she was in for the adventure as well. We live in the country so it took a planned trip to the cannabis dispensary to make this all happen. My wife even made it an overnight trip by reserving a room at a cool hotel nearby to the cannabis dispensary. When we walked into the local cannabis spot, we were completely stunned by the array of marijuana for sale. Thankfully, a sales person saw the look on our faces and took us by the hand for our introduction to marijuana shopping. It was a great time and we ended up with some indica products as well as some marijuana edibles. Let’s just say that the dinner we had that night was one of the best meals of my entire life.

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I thought cannabis would distract me from studying

When I was in high school, I studied all day and all night so I could get a scholarship to a good college.

Some of my friends used cannabis after school, but I thought cannabis would distract me from studying and getting good grades. When my friends smoked weed, I went home instead. I never tried using cannabis until I was a sophomore in college. It was difficult to stay away from cannabis during my freshman year, but I was determined to be different. During my sophomore year, I realized that I was missing out on a lot of the college experience. I decided to attend a couple of parties and I made some friends. One of those friends was a senior that was 21 years old. The guy was allowed to purchase recreational cannabis supplies from a dispensary in town. The guy went to the dispensary before a party and purchased a bunch of recreational cannabis supplies. During the party, someone dared me to smoke half a joint. It was a stupid and silly dare, but I was six beers deep and in the mood to do something stupid. After smoking half the cannabis joint, I barely remember the rest of the party. I was the life of the party, though. I’m sure six beers didn’t help either. I had a lot of fun that night with my friends and I realized that cannabis doesn’t have to be a drug that causes problems. It can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the evening with friends in a safe and comfortable environment.
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I always get hungry when my friends smoke weed

I usually end up in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in my hand.

Recreational marijuana use has been legal in this state for the past three years. My friends were particularly excited when recreational marijuana was legalized. They were already smoking weed every day, but they were spending a fortune to buy it from a street dealer. When marijuana was legalized, the prices became much lower for everyone. An ounce of marijuana on the street can cost as much as $300, but an ounce of marijuana from the dispensary can be purchased for $150. The savings are hard to ignore. All of my friends use recreational marijuana. I don’t mind that my friends like to get high, but I don’t use recreational marijuana. I have suffered from allergies and asthma most of my life. I can’t inhale smoke at all. My friends have offered to buy edibles for me, but I really don’t see the point of recreational marijuana. My friends act silly and do stupid things when they are high. They always eat everything in the house. Of course, sometimes I get hungry when my friends smoke weed. When they smoke a lot of weed in our apartment, I get contact buzz. I usually end up in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in my hand. Jack and Dan had a party last Friday night and they invited a bunch of people from school. Everyone was smoking weed and drinking. I tried to stay in my room most of the night, but I wandered out into the living room at some point. I decided to smoke a joint with Dan and I spent the entire evening coughing and throwing up.


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The game was way better with a buzz

My friends and I scored tickets to see the home team play on Sunday.

The team has a losing record, which is probably why we got free tickets.

My friend won them from the radio station and he got four tickets. We decided to leave a few hours early for the game, just in case there was a good tailgate party when we arrived. Jack mentioned stopping at a cannabis shop on our way to the game. We were going to pass a lot of different cannabis shops. It honestly sounded like a lot of fun and I honestly thought it would be cheaper to get high than to drink a bunch of beers at the game. After all, it’s ten bucks for each beer. I smoked a one gram cannabis joint with my friends that was ten bucks and we were high all afternoon. We picked up a couple of different items from the cannabis shop. One of the items was a gram of cannabis joint. It had a very high amount of THC, due to the addition of bubble hash and distillate. The cannabis sativa joint tasted exactly like grapes. I don’t know how they got their joint to taste so yummy, but it was just like drinking grape soda. The home team started the game with a fresh quarterback, but he got hurt in the fourth quarter and everything was downhill from there. Our team lost badly and three more players were injured in the game. The score at the end was a slaughter, but the game was definitely way better with a buzz.



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Before the game, we stopped for some edibles

My daughter and her friends play field hockey.

It’s not exactly the most exhilarating sport to watch.

It’s hard to see the ball and it isn’t as much fun as soccer. Still, I go to every game so I can be there to support my daughter. The other moms and I have become good friends. We usually travel together on game days. Since the girls are old enough to drive, they usually ride together in one vehicle. We ride together in my minivan. The six of us had a two hour drive to the game location last weekend. One of the moms suggested we stop at a liquor store to buy a couple of small bottles of chilled wine. It sounded like fun, so I got off the interstate exit and found a liquor store. We were right across the street from a recreational marijuana dispensary. I made the suggestion to purchase recreational marijuana from the dispensary. At first I was joking, but a couple of the other moms thought it was a great idea too. I was the person charged with going into the dispensary to make the purchase. I decided to buy a bag of edible cannabis products. Each one of us ate a 10 mg cookie before we went to the game. I didn’t feel anything after a half-hour, but late in the second half I knew I was high. I was standing on my chair cheering and yelling and more enthusiastic than I had been in any other past game. That was a game to remember, and I don’t recall the final score.

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The grape flavored soda pop gave me terrible heartburn

I’ve tried every different kind of edible cannabis treat in the dispensary. I don’t prefer to smoke cannabis, because it interferes with my asthma a great deal. I’ve tried, but I end up coughing and hacking and usually throwing up. That’s no way to enjoy medical or recreational cannabis products. Edibles are the best way to get high and use medical marijuana, given these unique circumstances. Last month I tried a chocolate bar with 100 mg of THC in total. It didn’t have a very good flavor, but it made me feel really good all day. The medical shop got a new product that is a beverage like soda. The carbonated drink has 50 mg of cannabis distillate dissolved into the water. I wasn’t sure if the drink would taste good, but they had several different flavors. I thought the bubble berry sounded really yummy, but the budtender told me that the best flavor was definitely root beer. I decided to go with her recommendation. I drank the entire contents of the bottle as soon as I got out of the parking lot. It was really sweet and syrupy, but it did taste like a really good bottle of root beer. The soda gave me terrible heartburn. In less than ten minutes, I started to feel my chest begin to tighten. I had to go directly to the general store down the street to buy some heartburn medication. I definitely won’t try those edibles again. The flavor was good, but I can’t get sick every time I want to get high.

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I can't believe the guy stole from me

My sister and her boyfriend came over to visit last weekend.

My sister has been dating the guy for a couple of months.

She thinks that she is in love, but I think the guy is a bum. He doesn’t have a full-time job and lives off his parents. The guy is 22 years old and he doesn’t work. That’s really all I need to know to form an opinion. When my sister and her boyfriend came to visit, we all smoked medical marijuana together. My sister and I have a medical marijuana prescription. We tried a couple of different medical marijuana strains together. At one point, I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back, my sister and her boyfriend were getting ready to leave. It was several hours later and a long night, so I was happy to see them heading out at midnight. As soon as my sister and her boyfriend left, I decided to fire up one more marijuana joint before bed. That’s when I realized that the bag of marijuana was missing from my box. I immediately called my sister, who was still on her way home. I asked if she accidentally picked up the bag of marijuana. She got defensive and asked if I thought she stole something. Then she wanted to know if I was accusing her boyfriend of stealing. I only called to ask if my sister accidentally took the bag, but I felt like I had my answer when I hung up the phone. If it was an accident, she could have admitted it.

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The dark days of ditch weed replaced by cannabis dispensaries

The dark days of ditch weed are a thing of the past, my friends.

We pot smokers used to have to hide in the shadows, keeping quiet lest we get in trouble with the law for trying to live our best lives. For years I had to settle for whatever weed was available from my local guy, if there was anything available at all! I would drive for two hours to visit a friend just because he had some extra weed to get rid of. Thankfully those days are gone, and now I can handle all my business at a cannabis dispensary like a civilized human being. To be clear, cannabis never should have been illegal in the first place, it was just a political ploy by the tobacco lobby. Although I am glad cannabis is legal in most places, I still don’t think that is enough, and they should release any person in jail for possession of marijuana. Isn’t it the epitome of foolishness to have state governments making billions of dollars from cannabis sales, while there are still tens of thousands of people in jail for the same thing? It is hypocritical, which is why all cannabis based offenses need to be expunged from the permanent record, and these people need to be given their lives back! It is definitely a great day in America when I can drive to any number of legal cannabis dispensaries and have my pick of the finest buds and flowers available. It will be an even better day in America when no one is rotting in jail for having the same cannabis I buy three times a week.

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A sense of community amongst pot smokers

People who have never given a fair chance to smoking pot will never understand the sense of community it gives you.

You can smoke out with a total stranger, and one amazing conversation later you have a friend for life.

There is a sense of bonding that comes with sharing a bowl or a joint, and it’s one of those little things about pot that you don’t know unless you know from experience. This is why I am so glad that the cannabis dispensary down the street has opened an outdoor smoker’s lounge, and made it a fun place to hang out. Every other cannabis dispensary I have been to is somewhat cold and clinical, like a CVS pharmacy with Grateful Dead artwork on the walls. This one was different in tone and vibe, not to mention the little cannabis cafe they had opened in the back room. In an effort to turn the place into a hang out spot, the cannabis dispensary also had a little stage for live music performances. It wasn’t exactly like a bar or a club, but it was a super cool place to hang out and have some edibles and listen to music. Out the back door is a little enclosed patio area, which has been designated for smoking cigarettes and cannabis, which they can’t do inside because they also sell food. I love this place because it really builds on that sense of community in the world of cannabis, and gives you a chance to smoke out and have great conversations with new people.


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